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I've activated my witness node exactly 668 days ago. I've been always a backup witness since then. That changed yesterday and I went into the top20 pool yesterday when @proxy.token voted for me.

This was a nice Friday surprise for me, I was always thinking how hard to climb into top20, then it became a reality.

I've been monitoring my primary and backup servers after the change, and happy to say that everything is smooth so far.

Vote for my witness

Being a top20 witness is one thing, staying there is another thing. :) Lineup between 15-25 is more challenging now, I need your vote to secure my position.

If you didn't vote already, consider casting a vote on Steemconnect or on Steemit.

Short term plans

  • Planning to vitalize the "Hivemind SQL service" project without the SPS. I've been distributing SQL accounts (around 15+ users so far) to experiment the need and TBH, it's not much though. Maybe I can continue with this semi-automated service.

  • Planning to investigate to serve a full RPC public node. (Or fat node with Hivemind support) This is known that we lack public RPC nodes for applications and developers. A fat node should be more than affordable with the top20 pay.

Besides these, of course, I keep my STEEM related projects, tools, libraries updated and will be testing and following the new STEEM versions, hard forks very closely.

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Congratulations, Emre! I really like that you immediately think of 'reinvesting' the top20 pay for a full RPC node. And thanks for the hive SQL access, still have a couple of ideas on how to make use of it but haven't really found the time lately...

Thanks @crokkon!

Planning to investigate to serve a full RPC public node. (Or fat node with Hivemind support)

I, for one, will praise you for it when this happens.

Hopefully, I will deliver a public node soon. 👍


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Congratulations @oivas, 2.5% upvote has been shared with your successful call on the post that shared by @oivas!

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Congrats! @tipu curate 2

Thanks 🎉

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/15 - need recharge?)

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Congrats my friend.
That’s a good way to start Y2020.

Though the witness should be change from Top 20 to 100 or 1000. So the rewards shared to other witnesses if we are really embracing decentralized network.

Right now the Top 20 are voted by whales.Not cool.

Cheers for now.

I agree. And I furthermore think it would offer a far more democratic system

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Congrats!! And a happy new year! 🎆🎉

Thank you, happy new years! 🥳

Congratulations, emrebeyler. Cheers 🥂😊 and a Happyful New Year

Thank you suntree, happy new years.

Have a !BEER to celebrate your witness milestone

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Hey @emrebeyler, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

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