Puke & Rally: wLEO bailout proposal via Hive Dev Fund.

12 days ago
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I don't know if I'd even vote for this proposal.
I certainly wouldn't draft it.

The issue:

  • Should the Decentralized Hive Fund be used to subsidize this hack
    (of HiveEngine's best performing token)?



  • LEO is still trading 8 times higher than the baseline at the 0.15 ratio that we were at for so long.
  • Hive is trading 50% higher than ALL TIME LOWS.
    • Is subsidizing a project that's preforming better than you (in price%) appropriate?


  • Are there active proposals that offer less value than a LEO bailout?
    • This is a political opinion determined by stake-vote.
  • How much HBD would such a proposal ask for over what period of time?
  • How responsible for LEO is Hive? Is this proposal valid?
  • Are Leo's success and Hive's linked? How so? How much so?


  • This is a political issue so it should at least get voted on. We don't really get to make the argument that this proposal shouldn't be a thing. Rules for proposals are simple: whoever pays the fee gets to make the proposal and gets funding with enough votes. That is all. Excuse me.