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Andrew Yang stood out in the crowded field in trying to get the Democratic nomination for President. His platform was built upon the idea of a "Freedom Dividend". This is the idea that each individual (18 or older) gets a $1,000 monthly payment simply for being a citizen.

Whether this is an agreeable idea or not, the fact that cannot be denied is he stood out from the rest of the same old political crowd. Of course, the system is set up in such a way that outsiders have little chance, especially without billions to spend.

After disappointing results in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the entrepreneur decided to end his campaign.


Yang's basis for his platform is the idea that technology is advancing at a pace never seen before. At the same time, the jobs that are going to be eliminated end up putting people out who are ill-equipped to find work in the "new economy".

Many take exception to this yes, after following technology for close to 15 years, I see the same thing. The pace is only accelerating, causing a great deal of disruption. Many talk about re-training as a possible solution yet that is impractical. To start, our track record in that area is awful. Another issue is the fact that the basics in mathematics, physical sciences, and computers is lacking for many people.

I am not an advocate of the government being at the middle of anything simply because, their track record is awful. Politics is subject to winds, meaning they change with each election cycle. This, I find what Yang proposed as something that would put people at risk. Personally, I believe the answer will reside in what we are seeing developed on a blockchain like Steem.

Nevertheless, I have to comment Yang for getting into the rat race of politics. A man with no shot did well to remain in the race for this long. I doubt this is the last we heard from him.

Attention to an important matter is his ongoing legacy. Most of the political establishment completely ignores this topic simply because it is not advantageous to them. It is far easier, and profitable, to simply blame the other parties.

Now back to the usual cast of characters we are all accustomed to.

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One by one and then there was one.......Against the man.....Trump

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Receiving this news with mixed feelings. With his concern for financial freedom, I felt he would't have given up at this stage. However, I think it's time steem users felicitate with him about his braveness and probably he will now notice #steem tweets.

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It seems to me that establishments of any kind will always fight hard to make sure that challenges to itself (i.e. "change") will be squashed.

At the time automobiles were on the rise, the "establishment" of the time did all it could to make it extremely difficult for users of these new-fangled "horseless carriages" to do anything with their contraptions.

The establishment (courts, city governments) did everything from making it illegal for cars to move faster than a slow paced horse drawn carriage to classifying autos as being similar to "ferocious animals" to requiring cars to be escorted by footmen waving flags to alert people that one was coming.

Now the establishment has to deal with the fact that what we call "work" will not look like anything we recognize today... just maybe 20-25 years from now, because of automation and AI. But if you "DIS-employ" all the people whose incomes are what BUY the products your automation is creating, then what?

It'll be very interesting to see what they come up with... because "learn to code!" is NOT a realistic answer...


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AI is already working on writing code.

In roughly 7 years, you will be able to design what you want by simply describing it and the AI will scour the Internet for the pieces of code required to put there together.

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