From Blogger's Block to Daily Blogging, "5 Aces" for an Unstoppable Hive Daily Blogger

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One of the questions that I get asked constantly when talking "face to face" with anyone about myself as a daily blogger on Hive is whether I struggle to keep my daily blog on point and if finding it hard to come up with ideas or stay motivated.

This topic popped up again today while chatting with a good friend of mine(the exact man who told me about Steem about five years ago) and it somehow triggered something in me. I'm about to turn five on Hive and my experience with this blockchain as a daily blogger although seems timeless, it is somehow fractioned.

There's the pre-Hive and post-Hive era and then there's the time when my content monetization was almost meaningless and the time when I started to make a difference with the blog money that I earned. I thought writing another post on how to stay consistent on Hive would be a good idea for this peaceful and quiet Saturday evening and here you have it.

It might help some new users who are planning on doing this long-term or getting into a writer's block here and now. So, without any further ado, here are my five aces as a daily blogger on Hive that I'm willing to share with you.


Are you ready :)?

First and foremost my blog is somehow of a life extension to me, I don't see this thing as a job or anything like. I constantly check my account and reply to comments on my posts, even right before going to sleep and I don't hold back from sharing personal stuff on my blog.

It's become a sort of public journal that somehow helped me create my tribe but at the same time improve myself as a crypto investor, a "digital citizen" of the crypto space, and a real life being of the modern world.

My community has somehow become my family, as I engage with some of you guys more often than I do with my own sister, and being engaged with my community has for sure helped me get inspired in writing some articles over time, and also motivated me to pursue my path as a "blockchain blogger".

A blog without an audience is like an empty supermarket, it literally has no value...

Follow the news, but not the herd ;).

I do follow the news daily and that somehow helped me a lot with creating content on my blog, but I don't particularly like simply reporting the news. I will probably do that with Leofinance once I begin the job as a content creator for them but when it comes to my blog I call myself "the dot connecter".

I like making connections between certain events and some of my previous posts or other events and often times some of my posts are somehow like a "long comment" to a news article rather than just "a long rephrase of that news". Being in touch with what's happening in the world, especially the crypto-verse is of immense help for someone who aspires to become a daily Hive blogger, no doubt about it


Don't get messy with your time. The only times I found it difficult to keep on track with my blogging were the days when I didn't designate time for that and just let the day unfold in quite a random way. That's not practical at all. Knowing your time and even setting targets for your blogging schedule is highly helpful imo.

In my case, mornings work the best for creating content, and even if I don't actually write a whole post(or more) during the morning hours at least I got a plan of the framework on which the next piece of content coming from my account will be built on(that applies particularly to my Leofinance posts).

You should also...

Experiment with different types of content. Although I post mostly in the Leofinance community I'm not just a "crypto blogger" and I try to keep my content as diversified as possible as life is not just about crypto... I don't like being over the place or digging holes that "don't fit me". A little diversification never killed any blogger, though so don't be afraid to experiment ;).

I could drop another five more aces on how to stay active as a daily Hive blogger but I'm no longer a fan of extremely long posts, thus will pretty much cut the shit here. I hope my efforts on putting these "on paper" have been of any help to anyone reading this post and see you all again tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday and Hive on!

Thanks for your attention,

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Being grounded in the crypto space is a source of inspiration. Besides this, what I like to do and it comes naturally, is observe things outside of crypto and see how my brain thinks about how this can translate as content. It is simply amazing!

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Sounds like some sort of ZEN ;)


Connecting dots and stringing threads helps a lot when it comes to blogging. It's one way to keep older content relevant, and it helps give greater SEO value to older content (even if that's not your intention).

Having non-crypto content helps a lot also. It can help add structure and regularity to a blogging routine.

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Yep... ;)