RE: Pain in my Ukraine

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We are called the World Police for a reason.
Nothing has changed.
We are out there tinkering in the affairs of every country that we think we can extract value from.

Unfortunately, that's part of your history and how America has "earned good percentages" of its wealth.

A friend of mine has had a talk with a Syrian a few months ago. The man was a high positioned in the Syrian army that has become a refugee in Syria, he no longer could bear the situation for him and his family although war was part of his life.

The interesting thing that he told to my friend, based on confessions from ISIS members who managed to escape the group and prisoners was that the US was sponsoring ISIS so they can fight the Syrian army...

Then they were offering Syrian army aerial support, when the army could no longer hold against ISIS at the cost of $10,000/missile. How do they think has Syria paid back its debt to the US?

Oil... I'm not judging Americans here, some of you are really great folks, I met some in person, but you're country leaders are worse than Putin and have caused much more pain than he did.

I still feel sorry what what the Ukrainians are going through, being our neighbors and I still stand by the take that they have the right to choose if they want to join the EU or NATO. Nevertheless American Imperialism is obvious.

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