No Agenda Livestream - Episode 1382

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New Episode! 66: Black Butterfly - Moe Factz with Adam Curry

Adam and Moe bring you a 4 block potluck this week! Support at: ​​​​

No Agenda Throwback- Episode 288 George W. Obama

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No Agenda Show Episode #1381 Live Now!

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ANYONE can Start Receiving Value 4 Value Streaming Sats for your PODCAST!

This guide is for ANYONE with a Podcast hosted just about anywhere. The only 2 requirements are that you have a Hive account and you…

OSCR aka Dvorak’s stock pick in the DHU podcast game. it’s interesting insider buying so maybe a win

We’ll see but this sounds interesting! Again it’s a game on the podcast but given who the insider is I’m buying this stock! It’s a total…

Proposal: V4V.app and the start of a Decentralised Hive <-> Lightning Network Bridge for Podcasting 2.0

Support Proposal 188 on PeakD Support Proposal 188 with Hivesigner Advertising is censorship - Adam Curry, the Podfather If we…

Who wants a bidirectional bridge from Lightning Sats to and from Hive or HBD and back?

I've done a huge amount of work on @podping (thank you so much to the DHF for the funding). At the end I'm asking if you want a service…

Python Help: what database should I use for sending Lightning Streaming Sats into Hive for Podcasting 2.0?

UPDATE: I'm using MongoDB along with the Motor Python library for async connections. It's proving to be .... interesting. But it does seem…

News Of The Day

It’s getting insane out here ![EB42B662-94AB-4AF6-9E23-4C879339E70A.jpeg](

Josh Hawley Mark Zuckerberg Any Collusion? Facebook and their competitors do work together.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is a version of Josh Hawley questionsing Mark Zuckerberg which we are usin

The New Cent Tribe: My 2 Cents Anas Cash Colones Pfennig Stotinkas or Centavos

”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven Two weeks ago I came across an [eye-catching post](

Wednesday Coin Score - South Africa!

So it is Wednesday and that means @handofzara always finds himself at the coin shop. Usually I end up buying American junk silver, which…

No Joke One Really Important Clip! It takes a minute or two to build but it ties something very important together!

Adam Curry On No Agenda Show puts together the USA GOVERNMENT Social Credit Score System Going through congress now! Hey @adamcurr

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We're live now at noagendastream.com with No Agenda episode 1364 #@pocketnoagenda l.curry.com/fs3

Silver Unboxing Vlog! 🪙 🪙 🪙 Sunshine Mint 20 ounces of Silver

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I’m having a 💩 day so here’s a fun song to cheer me up 🤣. It's Time To Party

I met this dude once. And no joke he didn’t like to party. True story - Gene Everett (the notes below are credits for artist) btw Silver…

How the sausage is made: diving into Podping on Hive

I'll try to give a broadly understandable explanation up front, but at the end I'm going to be posting for the Hive Devs and particularly…

Long awaited update on Crypto Class Action from Australia and what's going on with Epic vs Apple in Australia too

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Not long after @apshamilton sued Facebook and Google for cartel behaviour in Au

Podping is ready for HF25: here's what we did

Just over a week and a half ago the @podping Dapp which I'm championing stopped working for a few hours. That was its first stoppage since…