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Liquidity on L2 continued
Intro Liquidity in crypto is the fundamental backbone that enables all interoperability, to not only other crypto networks but also to the legacy fiat system in which we all live and breathe. If we can't transfer our money to where it needs to go it becomes quarantined. This is not necessarily a sys...
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Bitcoin Finally Got Some Bounce, But Wait...

The price of bitcoin finally moved off the 27k support getting above 28k for a hot minute. Today's red candle currently has price back below 28k, but still glad to see we got some...

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LeoFinance Weekly Stats 05/22/2023 to 05/28/2023

Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report. This is a weekly report covering May 22 through 28, 2023. If you want to learn a bit more about the LeoFinance ecosyst...

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EVM otherwise known as Ethereum Virtual Machine

Other chains that use EVMs are Polygon, Binance, Avalanche, Fantom and tons of others blockchains now use this specialized technology. First let’s go over the basics of the EVM for...

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Governments Starting To Position Themselves To Take Advantage Of Cryptoucrrency

▶️ Watch on 3Speak While there is still a large anti-crypto sentiment out there, we are seeing something interesting happening. Some countries are now starting to position themselv...


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"Lion hustler" is a lion who works on finance issues ESP | ENG

Lion hustler Estafador de leones Greetings friends from Hive and colleagues from the onchainart community, I am ramsses and next I will bring you a new post where I will show you a...

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A Slick Little CTPX Milestone

So we did a few things on CTPX... And I thought it would be a good time to talk about it because every time we hit a milestone, we like to celebrate.... Which means, more goodies f...

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What Makes Up the LeoVerse?

For most, LeoFinance is a community on Hive, for others it's a frontend on the blockchain that focuses mainly on Finance or money, cryptocurrency and related subjects. For those wh...

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Splinterlands - 55 Seasonal Champion Chests (May 29, 2023)

Another season came to a close 55 Champion Chests this round No legendary... 4 Chaos Legion packs is the highlight 9.6k merits is pretty good 68 SPS is very weak for champion chest...

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Stacker of the Week Update

I’ve deliberated on this for a couple of weeks now and have decided to end my involvement with the Author of the Week initiative being run by the guys at LEO Finance. There are a c...

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Leading by example - Leader of the Pack [ENG-ESP]

Hello there! This drawing represents the leader of the pack, leading the way guiding the other lions. The first part I did also during yesterday power outage, just like my previous...

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The Chaos Legion Pack I opened today.

The Chaos Legion Pack I opened today. #Splinterlands #Splintertalk #PlaytoEarn #Play2Earn #SPT #OPG #ONEUP #hivegaming #blockchaingaming #posh #hivepizza #LIFE #NEOXIAN #HIVE-ENGIN...

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Rising Star Giveaway 12000 Starbits Daily [ING-ESP]

Español Hola a todos los jugadores de Rising Star! Me complace anunciar que el sorteo anterior ha finalizado! El ganador fue: @supriya.gupta Felicitaciones tu premio ya fue enviado...

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Gold Foil Agor Longtail is $50,000 and That's a Bit Tricky

Gold Foil Agor Longtail hit $50,000 per card today and this is the part of the strangeness of NFTs. None of this article is financial/investment/legal advice, it contains a strateg...

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RisingStar Giveaway - win 3 x 3000 STARBITS (daily) #542 (ESP/ENG)

Imagen elaborada en Canva Hola hermosa comunidad de #RisingStar y #nftgamela. Este año es para seguir creciendo en #RisingStar y #hive. Siempre busco ayudar a los demás, desde hoy...

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Belu Yoganomade76@belug-an hour ago
How to promote Hive on Web 2? Results of my campaign, mobilized by the CTT initiative [Eng - Esp]

Src English How to promote Hive on Web 2? Results of my campaign, mobilized by the CTT initiative Hello dear friends of the beautiful Hive family, I hope you are having a wonderful...

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Lolxsbudoy53@lolxsbudoy-an hour ago
Aloe Vera Plant 🌱

Hello Henthusiasts! 🤗 Here is my entry for the Henthusiast, Bring Me Challenge #11. 'Plant and its name seen in your backyard!' I have captured above an Aloe Vera Plant, they are...

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taskmaster4450le80@taskmaster4450le-an hour ago
The AI Revolution: Rapid Acceleration By The End Of The Decade

Here we sit about half way through 2023. That means we have 6.5 year left until 2030. Time certainly does fly. The only thing that might be moving faster than time is the advanceme...

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The quest for black gold.

This publication was also writen in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE. Money Times Marina Silva, Minister of the Environment. Politically and economically speaking, Brazil is a country that w...

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71@zallin-an hour ago

🚙 MY ROAD 🚙 My most delayed post, I'm still posting the season 110 report 😅 I know season 111 just ended a few hours ago, the post about it will be released in a few days, I got...

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Rising Star Personal Update

Rising Star Personal Update Accomplished Activities Date: May 30, 2023 Current Level: 113 !gif star

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MeitanteiKudo65@meitanteikudo-an hour ago
Cryptocurrency (Fast) Forward: Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity and adoption, the need for scalable and efficient blockchain networks becomes increasingly evident. Layer 2 scaling solutions offer...

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Asgharoo73@asgharali-an hour ago
HIVE Coin's Potential for Rapidly Surpassing the $1 Mark

Since a very long time, there hasn't been a #hive coin pump, which worries the traders. Because a large portion of the hive ecosystem's population owns liquid HIVE and often sells...

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Waz70@wazock-2 hours ago
Giveaway 7000 STARBITS // Rising Star // Day 227

Hello Hive community, welcome to my Rising Star Game giveaway where I will be giving away 7000 Starbits. Rising Star Game Rising Star is a Blockchain Hive game where you can create...

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Sonaker70@sonaker-2 hours ago
🎲 WOO Giveaway 243 - Choose One Card or 50 WOO 🎲

Hi, I will be doing a daily giveaway of one card from the Wrestling Organization Online game or 50 WOO. The reward will be your choice, but know that both are a good choice. I will...


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