Kojiri's Week Giveaway - Special card Every Sunday #167

Every week a pool of cards will be given away to some lucky players. And every Sunday a special card will be rewarded. Week 24 This…

Ragnarok Snapshot Countdown!

Ragnarok! The Snapshot is just hours away! We are using the same Snapshot as SPK Network. It

A Lending Protocol on Hive

Imagine a world... wait.. it's already here! Is there someone about the Hive-area that would be compelled to create a lending…

The Gregs

This NFT project aims to be a player in disruptive learning developments in the blockchain ecosystem. They're doing an invite giveaway…

How Not To Be a Buckethead

Well, let me begin by providing some attention to the binance charts this fine day. Some knucklehead had done quite well for…

Everything You Need to Know: Chaos Legion Presale

I should start by saying we will never know everything we need to know... but here's a go! Chaos Legion Release: Q2/Q3 2021…

The Chicken and the DEC

The Chicken and the DEC If you asked me what the most valuable card in the game was... I would tell you the gold foil chicken without…

How To Earn SPT With Your Splinterlands Posts And Get Daily SPT and SPS Payouts

What Is SPT? The Splintertalk token SPT was created by Splinterlands as a Hive-Engine tribe on the second layer of HIVE during the first…