Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting

Please check out this quick meeting about Hive-Engine development.

DublUpdates 4/20/2021

Happy holidays, we have been hard on the grind working on several feature requests since our last update and today we're ready to share…

Hive-Engine Developers Meeting: This is a quick one. Decentralized Token Fund Hardfork scheduled for 15 days from today.

Please listen to the quick discussion. There's a bunch of work going. Security improvements have been made. More features being added.…

1M Hive swapped in the DEC/HIVE Diesel Pool

As the price of Hive swings it's been wild to see how much volume there been on the exchange and on Diesel Pools. Today marks the first…

3rd Edition release date

About Dcity Dcity is mathematical and trading game based on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build they own cities…

Over 1M hive traded in Diesel Pools!

Woah, amazing to see this. We're now into two commas. Didn't take long and looking forward to see where this goes. Thanks to those who…

HIVE/USDT Diesel Pool has been created

Hey, if you want to be able to trade your Hive for USDT... well, now you can! Go to tribaldex.com, click pools, and you have to go to…

Hive-Engine Developers Meeting

I'm having personal issues and had to skip the Monday meeting. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. That said, I asked…

Over $500k traded in Diesel Pools!

Hey, pretty cool. Just these three Diesel Pools account for over $500k USD traded on Hive-Engine. That's spectacular! I'm hearing…

Hive-Engine Classic now on iOS

Well, that didn't take long. You're now able to get hive-engine.com functionality through the appstore for Apple phones. Trade your…

Hive Engine Mobile Released on Android devices through the Google Playstore

It's with great pleasure that I announce that Hive-Engine is now available on your mobile phone. You can use Android devices and the…

Hive Engine Developers Weekly Meeting

Still a bunch of great stuff coming out! We're making progress on a lot of fronts and it all leads to a fantastic user experience for NFT…

Diesel Pool Reward Contract Deployed

Ok, today's an exciting day for the dev folks. The Diesel Pool rewards contract has been deployed. This means that Hive-Engine as a…

Hive-Engine Developers Meeting - March 22nd

It's getting hard to keep track of all the development that's happening on Hive-Engine. Things are really taking off. The ultimate goal…

DIESEL POOL UPDATE- DEC/HIVE Pool hits $100k USD traded!

Another big milestone. We have our first Diesel Pool that has traded over $100k! The DEC/SWAP.HIVE pool is killing it. The ability for…

Over $100,000 traded in Diesel Pools

Diesel Pools are off to a fine start. We've traded over $100,000 worth of tokens without fees or GAS costs in the Diesel Pools. We're…

HIVE/ETH Diesel Pool has been created!

Hey, quick note. There's now a SWAP.HIVE vs SWAP.ETH diesel pool available on tribaldex.com. It's currently hidden on the second tab as…

Hive-Engine Weekly Developer Meeting

Tons of stuff going on these days for Hive-Engine. We have a bunch of developers working on different pieces, several new front ends…

HIVE TA - The Trend is your friend.

So, I've been discussing this for weeks. Maybe even a month now that it looks like the price of Hive had bottomed and it's time for it to…

NFT creation live on tribaldex.com!

Well, I'm really excited to announce that tribaldex.com allows users to mint NFTs! Previously you could shop through the various NFT…