Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 15, 2021

Splinterlands AMA Summary for October 15, 2021 *Please note: I am covering as much as I can, as fast as I can; there will be typos, and…

Splinterlands AMA

We had an AMA yesterday. Sorry for some technical difficulties. Please find the recording here.

First reward pool for Diesel Pools are going live. it's the BEE:HBD pool

Let's do this! We're getting rewards out for BEE staking. First one is with HBD. Technically the rewards start tomorrow at around…

Splinterlands AMA

Please find Splinterlands' last AMA this past Friday the 20th. There's a tournament that I'll be broadcasting in 17 minutes. Come check…

Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting

We're getting pretty close to rolling out Outposts for real. The NFT side is done and integrated. Trying to make ongoing inflation…

SWAP.HIVE:SIM Liquidity Pool Rewards

About Dcity Dcity is a mathematical and trading game based on non-fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build their own…

Liquidity Pool Rewards for Diesel Pools V1 is now LIVE!!! It's called the Distribution Contract.

Hey guys, big news from Hive-Engine. Diesel Pool rewards contract V1 is now live. So, if you run a project and you want to support your…

Hive Engine Weekly Developers Meeting

Hive-engine continues to make progress on dswap,the polygon gateway, outposts, rewards for liquidity providing, and much more. Just a few…
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Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting- OUTPOSTS ON FRIDAY!

Hey all! Come check it out. Tribes 2.0 AKA OUTPOSTS are finally going to be here. It's the combination of your own token, with your own…

The New 12 Step Program: Profiting From Splinterlands Starting With a Couple Bucks a Day

There's more and more interest in Splinterlands with new users piling in at record rates. With no current edition available and the SPS…

Splinterlands AMA July 16th 2021

So, fun times! New Restream version of this makes it live right away. I hope you guys enjoy the recording. Matt and I talk to knightav…

Splinterlands New Account Growth is through the roof!

Our daily new subscriber count continues to grow as we welcome the hordes of eager new players who are joining us every day. Growth isn't…
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Witness vote request

Hey all, I'm aggroed. I'm a witness, and I'm in the top 20. I have a lot going on in that I run splinterlands and hive-engine. I build a…

NFT showroom VR

NFT showroom now since 2 days back have a real VR showroom, I guess I need to get educated on this and get the right VR equipment, any…

Splinterlands AMA July 9th, 2021 - And a quick state of the game before the governance token launch at the end of the month.

Please find our most recent AMA below. We spoke with Knightav from Yield Guild Games. We're now the second most active channel in their…

OUTPOST ALPHA nearly ready!!!

So, we're gearing up to launch tribes 2.0 OUTPOSTS. This is a viewable testnet site that I'd like you all to check out. Yes, of course…

Splinterlands AMA July 2nd 2021

Please find the Splinterlands AMA. This one is 2 hours long. The first hour is dedicated to Splinterlands development and player…

Tribes 2.0- OUTPOSTS... coming soon!

Ok, it's been a long time coming, but we're getting pretty close. The goal of this next project for Hive Engine is to essentially become…

Splinterlands AMA June 25th, 2021

Please find the Splinterlands AMA from June 25 attached. Matt and I go over Splintershards, talk about YGG, and our ongoing Twitter ban.

Splinterlands AMA- Welcome YGG to the Splinterlands community

This was a great AMA and probably my favorite of all time! My primary goal is to bring new players to the game. Well, YGG is coming.…