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Promote LeoFinance now to amplify future growth potential.

I can be impatient, plus I'm also a "self-starter" which means I don't wait for someone to tell me when to start. When it comes to publishing content on I figure all cross promotion efforts made now will pay dividends in the future when the ecosystem has more active marketing initiatives.


Every connection or new user acquired now has the potential to bring another new user in the future, a network effect that can generate exponential growth.

Ultimately what's good for my content is also good for the LEO network as a whole. With that in mind I've working on developing a cross promotional mix, bring my LEO content to multiple platforms and Dapps in an effort to drive traffic to

The increase in earnings at this stage is negligible but that's not the point, again it's to invest my content and provide additional exposure for LEO to outside the ecosystem. In the long run we all win!

LeoFinance Promotion Mix


Towards the start of this month I made a commitment to create a brand new Publish0x blog and re-post select LeoFinance content there. If you're active on Publish0x I would gently encourage you to please take a minute and consider giving my new blog a follow.

Like any media channel that is new it takes time to build an audience but it's nice to see my content is already getting some views.


While the earning are minimal you can see that the last 5 pieces of content have garnered approximately 500+ views. For me and for the LeoFinance network that's where the value comes from. Not to mention that at the end of every post I include a LEO banner and link back to my LeoFinance blog.


This month I also decided to start a account to promote my LeoFinance content and to engage with a crypto enthusiast crowd. Now that I'm a couple weeks in I'm starting to get a feel for the Dapp.

I like the voting slider and how each day I'm given a pool of rewards to distribute. The more I use the app the more rewards I seen to be able to dish out on a daily basis which is fun.

The "Chambers" feature is cool too, I like being to find a group or community where I can find content that is focused on a particular subject. So far I only participate in the LeoFinance chamber and an NFT's chamber. The votes are ok, although small, engagement has been pretty good to start, I think most of posts get at least 1 reply sometimes more. Similar to Leo I try to respond to every comment.

A key aspect of Noise.Cash is that it can provide exposure for LeoFinance content directly to a crypto enthusiast crowd. At this stage of the game I think this is where Leo can capture some market share. Same thing with Publish0x, it's already a crypto audience so there are fewer barriers when it comes to exploring another crypto publishing App.


D.Buzz seems to have carried over my HIVE followers so I already have an audience there to connect with. I have to say I really dig this app, the UI is pretty clean and intuitive and the ability to add a little bit of formatting to my posts makes every look a little more presentable vs let's say which feels essentially unfinished.

Much like Publish0x and I re-post most of my LeoFinance content through D.Buzz, plus an extra short format posts here and there just to get a better feel for cross promoting with the use of micro blogging.

Call this a warmup lap ahead of #ProjectBlank, which I plan to fully integrate my content with in the future (soon).

Future Video Content Considerations

I want to add short format video to my mix, either to supplement my LeoFinance content or for one off short clips when there's something worthy of discussion.

I'm a fan of ThreeSpeak but I think because it's so closely tied to the HIVE ecosystem that LeoFinance as a network would benefit more if I used a platform such as Library or DLive.?

I would like to keep it decentralized if possible, which helps keep the content in front of a crypto enthusiast crowd, with the benefit of being censorship resistant. This is where I could use your help with suggestions.

Where do you think I should post short video content?

Keep in mind the aim to get Leo content in front of an audience that are blockchain enthusiasts yet the majority don't have prior familiarity with HIVE or the LeoFinance platform.. Any ideas or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Ciao for now,


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