Arbitrum Airdrop - 37% of Eligible Wallets haven’t Claimed ARB Yet

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Arbitrum airdrop was the biggest airdrop this year so far and people made a lot of money through this. We all like to have more money through the airdrop because it is free money that is given to some lucky people and not everyone. After all, there are certain criteria for low. Whoever follows these criteria then there is a high probability that they are chosen to be the beneficiary of the reward. We have seen multiple bigger air drops in the Crypto market and this year in 2023 this one is the biggest so far in the year.



I would like to clarify that I have not received the AirDrop because I have not followed any criteria to meet but some of my friends have got a very good amount and they are very happy. I believe it is a good reason to be happy but somewhere I feel it is mostly for the people who are more active on the trading site but I'm not good at trading. I trade in the market because it is something that I am not much interested to do. Most of my trading happens on the hive and back to whenever there is a good price pump or dump and in both cases, the aim is to accumulate more hives.

As per one of the news articles approximately 240k wallets are still needed to claim their tokens and they are eligible. Maybe people are not aware that they have got some free money which they should be climbing as soon as possible however the window is for the long term so there is nothing to worry about and even there is no rush to play. The current price for arb is 1.28 and this seems stable in this range however just after the AirDrop there was a big dump in the price. This normally happens because the majority of people just try to sale of and book the profit as they have no interest to hold. It is obvious and we can understand that when the free money is distributed then we cannot expect everyone to be someone who can hold for the long run.

If you are a user of this platform and have transacted before then you should check out your eligibility and claim if there is something for you reserved because there is no reason to ignore it since it is free money that you have got based on your eligibility. I have never received any AirDrop from such a platform because I don't use Dex and even it is difficult to figure out which one is going to be big and which is just a waste of time. Rather than running behind the airdrop, I try to build something and which is why my focus is always least on such things that I am not bothered about because it takes a lot of time and in most cases, the outcome is just nothing after spending a couple of hours.

It's not that I am not in favor of the year but I just do not want to spend my time when I do not know what is going to be the outcome. Some people can do it easily but this is not my cup of tea so I just try to stay away and do something more productive than the time and try to be lucky for some free money.

I enjoy the airdrop that I have received on the hive platform and even the GLX AirDrop is going on which is great. It is good but I am not booking any prophet because I believe it is going to be much better later on and at the same time I do not want to miss the fantastic apr which is almost 160%. Old in mentioned that I am not against the airdrop but I am more focused on something that can be more worthwhile and I know about it so with these airdrops I know that things are going to be good and this is why it is not a waste of time.

Thank you

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