Vruz- A Card that is for Staked SPS Holders only

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I am happy to see the announcement post made by splinterlands and ts because something has been done for the people who are holding SPS in the game in form of a stake. This new card is only for people who are holdings and based on their holdings they will be able to purchase records from the market. There is nothing to worry about claiming faster because INS are planned in such a very bad the claim will be available for 7 days. Anybody will be able to clean the number of cards in the SPS. This is good because the card is dedicated to the SPS community and hopefully this way we can see much more action is going and some people may think of buying as well.

SPS Holding benefit

Now I am happy that with my SPS holding I will be able to buy proximately 80 cards. I have enough already in my account so that is not a problem I will utilize my maximum limit as possible because I do not want to miss the opportunity and I also expect that I will be getting some gold version cards. Based on my experience I can say that it is always a good idea to participate in promotional sales.


Vruz- The promo Card

The good thing about this card is that it will come with the Mona cost of 2 and the speed is just awesome which is 7. It will get reliability also gets when an ability from level 1 gets another one from level five. Because I will be eligible to buy approximately 80 cards in total so I can cross level 5 easily which I think is good enough for me. Let's see out things will be later and this time we need not worry about the inventory as we can only buy as per the eligibility.

Card Sale

The sale for this card will start on 21st March and will run for 7 days everyone will have enough time to buy. I am glad that this time things are not like before when everyone is just trying to buy as soon as possible so that they do not miss out. I still remember the last promotional card which was for the neutral summoner Lux Vega and it was sold in less than a minute. I was lucky enough to get a card and earlier I was never lucky.



The promo card sale for Vruz is scheduled to begin after the scheduled maintenance window on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023. During the maintenance, a snapshot will be taken of the amount of staked SPS held in each account at that time. Each player will have the option to purchase one 1 BCX Vruz card for each 1000 staked SPS they have in their account at the time of the snapshot.

My Buying strategy

My strategy is clear with this card I will be buying as many as possible based on my eligibility. I have enough vouchers in my account so friends are not a problem for me and I will see what eligibility I get based on my holding. I play better every day this is the reason why I believe that I will high-level cards are important for me to make my game experience better and more regarding. Such cards make the overall gaming experience better and I think you are saying then also you should consider buying it.

I keep on buying multiple assets in the game because I intend to go my holding in the game that consists of multiple assets. Cards are important in the game but many more assets in the game also should be part of our portfolio and hopefully, we can get better profitability in the long term. I enjoy the game and this is the reason why I continue to invest because I expect that things will be grown multifold in the next few years and now is a good time to buy as much as possible. You never know if we are going to get the same opportunity after a few years so this should not be missed.

Thank you

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