We Are Yet To See The Huge Bitcoin Pump.

You might be wondering why I named my post "We Are Yet To See The Bitcoin Pump" when we are currently experiencing a bearish trend after…

The first launched CBDC coin in Africa


Success!! First sending of Hive to a Salvadoran BTC « Chivo » wallet!

Dear Hivers and dear LeoFinancers, « HiveLightning », the app that @brianoflondon has coded to be a bridge between Hive and BTC as a…

Elon Musk Says He Will Become First Dogecoin Trillionaire

Elon Musk who recently called himself the "DogeFather" in an interview on “Saturday Night Live” back in May, and his not wrong, he is the…

Russian oil industry asks regulators to let them mine crypto using wasted flare gas

Russian could well become the biggest Cryptocurrency miners and became the crypto capital of the world, if the proposal from oil…

Bitcoin price flash crashes to $8,200 on Binance.US [Huge 88% Drop]

Something unbelievable and extremely shocking happened today, Bitcoin had a flash crash from $66k to $8,200 on Binance.US , which was…

Dream Big But Don't Set Your Expectations Too High.

I know the tittle sounds contradicting right, but I will break it down now, dreaming big is really a great thing, but it's not advisable…

Splinterlands - Protect Your Keys To Protect Your Assets

Since there have been many new players joining Splinterlands recently I thought it would be a good post to write about what key codes are…

Bitcoin Is Only 1.25% From All-time High, Target at $250k Once History Repeat Itself.

At this point, I think am already sounding like a broken record on the Bitcoin massive pump coming, but the truth is no matter how long it…

LeoMobile Launch Event: 10/21/21

After months of development, the day has finally arrived! LeoFinance Goes Mobile. On October 21st, 2021 we will host the #LeoMobile launch…

Splinterlands: How to trade / transfer unopened Booster Packs from Splinterlands to TribalDEX / WAX and vice versa

So kannst du ein ungeöffnetes Booster-Pack von Splinterlands auf TribalDEX transferieren / traden: Der Chaos Legion-Vorverkauf hat…

The Weekly ETH Price Guessing Game 17.10. - WIN 3 HBI and hit the 100 LEO Jackpot

Hello Leo-Family, the whole last week ETH was fighting with 3,5K and still trading around this value at the time of writing. The…

A land of splinterlands sells for $ 700,000 in Wax #spt #leo #wax #nf ...

A land of splinterlands sells for $ 700,000 in Wax #splinterlands #spt #leo #wax #nft #cent #archon #ctp #pob Posted via D.Buzz

Double Dance with Dragons: Dragon Splinter Battles on the boarder of Diamond and Gold!

Friends, I've been getting my butt kicked around the Splinterlands for the last 48 hours and, you know wh

Splinterlands Cards(NFT) Rentals at an All-Time-High and I took advantage of it

Rentals on Splinterlands are booming like no mans business and I’m loving it! I made $20 from a one time rental of one of my Splinterland

Have you registered for free for HiveFest VR already?

Habt ihr euch schon für das HiveFest VR kostenlos angemeldet? Das HiveFest 6 findet so wie letztes Jahr wieder virtuell/online in…

Bee's that fall from the sky | Bee's die vom Himmel fallen | Hive-Engine-Action

DEU Vom Himmel fallen nur gute Dinge, dieses Prinzip kennen wir Krypto-interessierten bestens unter dem Namen #airdrop. Im Normalfall…

Monster Giveaway: Guess the number of tomorrow's active Splinterlands players? (Oct 15th 2021) (Winner announced)

Neue Monster-Giveaway-Runde, diesmal mit einem Death-Monster 💀 Verlose eine VAMPIRE Level 3 (5 BCX) Splinterlands Monster-Karte.…

The Future Is Micropayments

Cryptocurrency is ushering in a new age on many different levels. Most are not paying attention to the fact this is all part of a larger…

LeoAlpha: Exploring the Idea of Thorchain's Potential Implementation of Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

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