Waqar Zaka.... A well-known Personality || Dares to Pay off Pakistan's Debt and take the position of PM Imran Khan

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Waqar Zaka a well-known Personality of Pakistan. A multi-talented man who is Singer, actor, VJ, host, and many more. He started his career by singing than VJ then host a daring show then host a Ramzan show then worked as an anchorperson then host a Desi-Kuriyan show and so on..... 😬
After turning his career into a very interesting and growing field, dares to pay off Pakistan's Debt.... Like Howwwwww 😳🤔

Waqar Zaka turned to the most famous cryptocurrency and dreamed of becoming the richest person that can even off the debt of Pakistan. Seems Funny... LOL 🤣🤣 Even he created a paid Facebook group for promoting bitcoin and the reason for the group was to assist the crypto investors.
But Waqar Zaka seems not ready, seems stupid, he just repeated his claim which he made two times before, and the claim was, "With bitcoin, we can pay off Pakistan's Debt".

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Seems Stupid.... isn't it? 🤔😬

But the question here is, “why he is doing so?", "what's the purpose?", "What's the reason that urges him to claim this again and again?". I'm surprised, after shitty dares of eating insects or kissing snakes doing useless things, he dares directly Imran Khan, The Prime minister of Pakistan..... Waooo what a big shot 👏👏
If he is able to pay off Pakistan's Debt with Bitcoin, Imran Khan should resign and allow Waqar Zaka to take charge.

But what are the possible reasons, lack of attention, thirst for fame, money or what....?? 🤔🤔

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As Waqar Zaka started many campaigns and started a Twitter hashtag campaign to legalize crypto in Pakistan. He just wants to meet Imran Khan and want to urge him to legalize crypto, so his campaign #Cryptokolegalkero become successful. But unfortunately, all went in vain.
Imran khan never meets him and he never had any meeting with him about crypto. In fact, Imran khan knows nothing about him and never shows any response towards his campaigns. He tried a lot by showing statistics, by convincing people but he failed.

I'm, like others confused about his claim, either it's another publicity stunt or really Waqar Zaka is capable of paying off Pakistan's Debt which is almost more than 44.9 trillion... 🤐🤐

He needs to understand that there are multiple factors that negatively affect the country's reputation and its finance if government legalize crypto. Every country has its own rules and regulations. Everyone should need to understand and try to figure out the positive aspects of the government's decisions. Yes, you can criticize but first, you should think. 😇

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