HBS ( HiveBreakevenStats ) simple updates + what I am working on next .

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Good morning to everyone , I hope you are having a nice day .

Yesterday I announced the release of a simple tool which shows your token history , buy and sell average + current average among other data .

I received good response to it ( thanks to everyone who took time to provide feedback ) and one of the common suggestion was the token symbol list -

  1. List it in alphabetical order .

Simple updates

  1. I changed the layout , first it was 1:1 wide column layout but I changed it to 1:3 now so the left part get's narrower than before .


  2. I changed a few things like , table is now on the left , the summary is on the right etc etc .

  3. I have arranged the tokens in alphabetical order .

  • you need not remove the characters - just go to the text field and start typing , it will automatically remove old symbol and overwrite it with new one.


  1. I have updated the https://hivetoken-stats.herokuapp.com with latest data .

What am I working on next ?

  1. I just have one more idea I want to implement , this is not related to the first two projects and will certainly be a different one .
  2. Once I release the 3rd project I won't be going into any new projects but work on improving these 3 projects with various new features that are on my mind .

Feel free to suggest anything regarding the tools , I have already listed down some amazing suggestions and as I told once I release the 3rd project I will get back to improving and implementing all the other suggestions + my own ideas .

Also I just passed 100 subscribers on noise.cash .

You can follow me over there - https://noise.cash/u/AMR
Twitter - https://twitter.com/NaveshSapad


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