RE: "Bitcoin is Gold" narrative is dead.

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BTC is the reserve currency of the $1700000000000+ crypto market, it has earned its place as a safe haven asset, the safe haven of the crypto market if nothing else. It is still volatile, but much less so than other crypto coins, but the point is that long term, people have faith that you can put a million dollars in BTC and come back in 5 years and it will be more than a million dollars in value when they return.

Hope that makes sense, thanks for your comment.

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+1 to this but a safe haven asset is supposed to work during krach, not long term. But do not get me wrong, I think it will eventually come through to be a safe haven asset in the medium-long run.

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Thank you for the clarification. And yes I believe that it will only grow in confidence and stability as time goes on. We can already see that with the increased volume + introduction of liquidity pools, that the BTC volatility has dropped over time, and that trend should continue, albeit slowly.