What crisis?

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I was dragged to the city's most popular mall on a Sunday evening, apparently we couldn't wait until Monday to buy some stuff.

I gotta tell you, I was dazed and confused at how hard it was to find a parking spot, and then I was completely terrified at how crowded the whole mall was.

This is the fast food court at around 6pm pm a non-paycheck weekend:

Paychecks go out every 1st and 15th of the month, but that is apparently not a problem for a shiton of people in my dear Mexican city. I don't live here, I left Mexico city back in 2016 to never return, and I obviously don't live in this city, but I live pretty close to it.

What fucking crisis?

Either these people don't know that we are currently going through a global recession and that the crash is coming any time soon, or they just don't care or understand that the inflation we are currently surviving through in Mexico is just a sign that things are going to get worse before they better.

I don't really care what is going on through their mind right now, I just feel terribly bad that pretty much 99.99% of Mexico's population has zero financial education, basic understanding of economics, and literally nobody has a saving/preemptive culture.

No wonder credit cards and general credit rates are above 40% annually, because somehow banks have to think about the huge percentage of people who will just conveniently forget about this credit the moment things turn sour.

Man, I am so glad I found out about cryptocurrency 6 years ago, and I'm so glad that even though I heard about BTC in 2011 and didn't buy, I didn't have the wrong mindset when I had the chance to start stacking crypto around 2017.

Putting it as simple as possible, owning Crypto is having a hedge against Fiat and a plan B against inflation, and damn it is working.

I have no idea if your local mall looks like this on a Sunday, so please do share how it looks in the comment section. All I can say is, no wonder we are a third world country, and no wonder people will be starving in a few months. After all, they did everything they could to not save money during these times while buying fast food and purchasing crap. It's that easy.

I don't have any more to say, in fact I was hesitant about publishing this post, but I just had to rant a little bit and get this image off my head.

Man, it sucks being surrounded by ignorant people, and having these people vote - and theirs counting the same as yours - and worst of all, allowing them to contribute to the huge crisis that is already here, they just don't know it, and once they realize, it will be too late for them to do anything about their situation.

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