Despite COVID, Apple’s Iphone and Mac sales skyrocket

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Apple company is getting most out of Covid era. The salss of smartphones is getting higher than before. The same is the case with Mac sales.
Apple reported the revenue in March 2021 is 89.6 billion USD which is 54% up from the previous year. From which Iphone took 48 billion up by 66 percent. Sales of Mac and ipad are also up 70 to 78 percent.
This is something Apple always gets. Despite high prices, Apple’s products are sold like hot items.
Why did Apple is doing good in this pandemic? The reason is quite obvious. Apple’s target market isn’t really affected by the covid and they have the same buying power. Another reason is that Covid made us closed in our homes and online business and gamers only need and iphone to get the best out of what they are doing.
So what do you think Apple's way of high revenue?
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