Ethereum broke the 4000 USD barrier

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Looks like DeFi has made it possible for ether price to the moon. There are other factors involved too. for the first time, Ether has hit above 4k USD. This is quite a price gained.
Ethereum is 435% up this year and it is more than Bitcoin which is 104%. Ether's market cap is about 470 Billion USD.
I remember when Bitcoin was worth 3k USD. Many people are asking should they invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?
It is not easy to tell. First of all, crypto is so unpredictable that still many analysts and experienced traders fail at predicting the forecast value for cryptocurrencies. Secondly, the investment decision is very important and should be done by the investor himself.
Personally, I believe in little investments which are easy to manage.
Big currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are difficult to understand.
For a newbie in crypto, I recommend having some experience with little investments and that would be a deciding point for big investments.
This would make it easy to understand cryptocurrencies and make investment decisions.

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