Whatsapp Introduces the Boss Mode 💥

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In the latest tweet of whatsapp, they have introduced the latest features which unlocks the boss mode of whatsapp.
These features include the cheat codes for whatsapp web versions where users will use short keys to perform certain actions in whatsapp.
Many new features are also rumored to be comjng soon like transfer of chats between different devices. These features will be added later.

To be honest, I believe whatsapp is trying their best to gain the attention of its users to stay with whatsapp and not use other chat apps like signal and telegram.
The recent events are also important because whatsapp will roll their new privacy update on 15th April and they are trying their best to get the attention of users.
These features are great but the only thing a user cares for more is the privacy and whatsapp should make some rules and regulations to respect the privacy of users.

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