Do you trust Politicians with your money?

15 days ago
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I don’t. As I have said many times in the past the separation of money and politicos must occur. This push and pull factor has been an on going battle between free markets and ideologies that have run their course. And certain politicos are again in the news bashing corporate leaders.

Many of their ideologies have been tried before. And sadly history has taught us that they don’t work. The debt in the U.S. is currently at a breaking point. Of course deficits don’t matter...until they do.

When will the market call out the Fed? It may already be happening. Bitcoin hit an all time high for a reason. Capital is fearful right now.

Once the bill comes due the old man may push for higher taxes. I mean the cash flows for all those bond sales has to come from somewhere. And once again the legacy economy will come to a halt. Sadly this has already occurred before.

However this time it is truly different. People now have the blockchain to sustain each other. A true free market with no silly central bank. Or old men who need a primer on blockchain and technology’s impact on society.

But the unintended consequence of interfering with free markets will not go unnoticed. In fact we are already seeing it reflected in all crypto pricing. And with more political interference on the way capital will flow to where it is appreciated.

This is what happens when you don’t walk a mile in a mans shoes. To truly believe they understand what the common person experiences is frankly insulting. Many politicos are truthfully out of touch with reality.

This is why money must be restored into the hands of the people. Certain individuals in our society cannot be trusted with money. They will contrive and abuse their power. And they will take and dole out favors to their special friends.

Blockchain has been established for this purpose. To empower the individual in spite of State or corrupt actors. And keep a ledger that is honest and open for all to see. In turn eliminating the necessity of banks in general.

The number one cause of human suffering is poverty. To expect the same legacy system that caused the suffering to fix it is ridiculous. And like or not it is a systems problem. It was designed the way you see it today.

Winners and losers are chosen. And when the winners lose they win by getting a bailout. Or they set up various entities and call their favorite banker for easy lines of credit. Credit that the average person could never get.

I believe blockchain will fix most of this nonsense. Freedom and free markets are a good thing. Yet, the politicos must be called on their hypocrisy. The purse strings of the nation will be restored to it’s rightful owner..the people.

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