Hive Engine: Stack everything Hive

10 days ago
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Make no mistake about it. We are the new standard in the crypto sphere. In fact it looks like the Twitter boss is making some moves to copy us. And that is ok. It happened to Bitcoin.

It also happened to Eth. When ideas begin to reach a transition into adoption you will always have the carbon copies. But just remember there is no replacing an original. And when I say original I also mean community.

Community is everything when it comes to crypto currency. It goes beyond Corporate board rooms or legacy banking systems. The network effect is very real and Hive is no exception. Many legacy system proponents just don’t get it.

Right now I believe we are going through a transition of sorts. Many people are beginning to see the power of blockchain. They are also learning the power of compound interest as it relates to the entire Hive ecosystem.

I love reading how some individuals who’ve been ravaged by hyperinflation are able to use Hive to survive. Or write on Leo finance and earn a solid income that their centralized financial systems would never provide. These stories show that this community is actually changing financial circumstances.

And that is the basis for blockchain in general. To fix what is entirely wrong with the legacy system. Also to create abundance and change for those who the legacy financial system has forgotten. Because a system that works for everyone should be every human’s cause.

So my advice for newbies is continue buying/earning whatever tokens you can. There are many tribes on Hive with more to follow. Who knows I may start one of my own?? Stake whatever you can since I feel we are still early in this transition.

In the long run there may be more companies who may try to recreate what Hive has. Yet, understand that without community these platforms may not enjoy much success. Not to mention the decentralized features we currently enjoy.

This system has yet to reach it’s full value. That means you can build stakes in some of our favorite tribes. And these stakes can be compounded to create real wealth. So plan accordingly my fellow lions.

Lastly, we have to continue to support one another. I have seen over the last 5 years some crypto projects ravaged by indecision and infighting. Many world changing projects nullified by community division. Thankfully we have been chill here on this platform.

So lets continue to embrace the new. Soon many will onboard to experience what we all already know. Exciting times await us all. Keep stacking.

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