After Mass Adoption, What Next?

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Theoretically we still see this space in its infant stage, the unexposed population is still pretty much high off the hills. However, the evidence or truth, or proof of worth is shown the every day utilization of Cryptocurrencies.

Right now we find ourselves in a time of market thunder storm, the space has been jacked by institutions of different focus, but not sure what common motives they all may be having?
At every point I sit back to actually try to understand what it is I want personally, is it the mass adoption or is it just to make a few bucks and disappear?

To be real, not everyone in the space today have that "long term financial vision" most of them are just focused on "there's a bull run up ahead, I should probably jump in, make profits and leave." It's a really brilliant idea, that if it's the first plan you've ever made.

Yes, we have a life outside the internet, but I don't think some of us really do believe in what's coming, and am forced to raise the question

After Mass Adoption, What Next?

Let's face it, it is not really the inability of taking losses or the risk in investing that keeps people away. It is not having the full knowledge about what something is, and the inability to utilize its functions that do. And above all, people tend to ignore those details when they realize there's a lot of money flowing in that field.

Take a look a the "Sports Betting Industries"

We have a ton of them rolling in, and it's constantly catching the publics attention, up to the point that even an already selfmade individual indulges in it, so it's basically just about chasing more money, so it's a race to get the "bigger bag"

I keep on seeing articles about the bull seasons and then about how the bear season will also follow suit, and am like, why should that even be given regards?



In this current stage we find ourselves, Stablecoins are playing major roles in a speculative market. When there's too much volatility, we run over to take cover in them, but have we ever thought what would happen if everyone ran to take cover?

A Market Crash Obviously

Currently its a space of over just a few million users, so it's a tiny but great start, most likely a factor to look at when it grows overtime. If it is making profits we all focus in, then we are likely preparing our greedy asses for a market crash, because when once everyone starts taking profits, it's gonna go down the hills and then what we all call a bear market will be "observed"

But I don't think the market movement will remain this way!

I totally expect a bear market up front, and to me, that will hit heavy when the institutions will be selling off their holdings, that will be a good thing actually, because the currencies will be given back into the hands of the people, coin circulation helps keep the market alive, and once it's in a wider range of users, it's obviously gonna generate a healthy and balance market activities, it's gonna be an inner Workings that we'll barely notice it.

No More Bear Market As Deem!

This is just one factor I think should be eradicated! Though I understand a market should always have a retracement at some point, but looking at the fact that we've barely reached a 10% of the world's total population in unique adoption, we can say that there are just too many whales holding so much wealth. Once the wealth is redistributed to a wider population, do you think one person or two selling a few coins to pay for rent will drain the market to a bear run? Unlikely.

Unlike Fiat that is being printed time after time, every unique cryptocurrency has a limited supply, so then inflation is something we could hardly experience.

The word "sell" could actually be taken out of the picture, since it's a race for decentralization and the replacement of Fiat currencies as a means of trade. It's mostly gonna be an era filled with p2p transactions and not a bunch of Market or pool swaps and shits.

So then, though new projects will keep rolling out and yes, we all will keep testing the waters, the earlier ones nevertheless, will have the spotlight and so will widely meet several needs and serve numerous purposes.

Feel free to share your views via comments, thanks for reading

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