Autonio Foundation, NIOX Market Maker, and the Earndrop Campaign

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An interesting morning on my side. At first, I went on and saw a post by @knowhow92 about the NIOX token and how it's going to blast off in this bull run. After that, while drinking my morning coffee, I checked out what's happening in my local crypto Telegram group. And as it turned out, one of the guys in our group is working in this company!

And just this morning, he shared an opportunity where we can earn NIOX tokens for trying out their Market Maker.


Starting from January 30th, anyone can participate in this Niox Market Maker Earndrop Campaign, hosted by All you need to do is connect your ETH wallet and then connect it to an exchange where this Market Maker will trade. I connected with Binance.

After that, you'll need to fill this form by entering the ETH address that you registered with and also your Twitter and Telegram accounts. You'll need them once the Earndrop campaign begins because you'll need to share your trades with others to earn NIOX.

Here's my results after an hour with Niox Market Maker

As you can see, I've made 0.5651% or $1.06 gains in the last hour. I chose to trade with TOMO/USDT pair and my order size is 10 TOMO. To trade, you need to have both of these assets in your exchange wallet, for me, I'm using Binance. You also need to have a bigger amount than the order size. As I had about 39 TOMO, I chose 1/4 of it to put on orders.


And even though I had never used market maker before today, it took me less than 10 minutes to start trading. If you want to try, this is a must read material - NIOX Market Maker User Guide.

What Else to Know?

To connect your exchange account to Niox Market Maker, you'll need to create an API key in your exchange account. It will generate an API key and the secret key that you will later enter in the Market Maker settings to set-up your trading account. Here's a guide on how to do it on Binance.

Earning NIOX

The campaign itself starts from the 30th of January and will continue until the 9th of February. During this time, you'll receive NIOX for every minute the Market Maker is active. You will also need to share it via Twitter or Telegram. Here's everything you need to know.


From what it looks like, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some promising tokens while providing liquidity to a Market Maker and getting rewards from trades if they are successful. If you're worried about fees, here's a chart of Market Maker fees on Binance. If you own some BNB coin, you'll pay less than if you don't.

As you see in the image below, on Binance, you are paying 0.1% to a Market Maker but if you have a BNB coin, you're paying only 0.075% in fees. I think the percentage is acceptable, especially if the Market Maker is doing the right trades!


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