RE: Welcome to my Hatchet-Job: Polycub Liquidity Pools & Sustainability Models

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im looking forward to your DEfi launch edicted. Mad scientists like you should all be having a crack at this problem....every time a new experiment is launched, something new is learned. Its just a shame that everyone feels the need to shill their projects as if they were golden unicorns when clearly no-one really knows how this stuff is going to play out. A lot of starry eyed minnows have their savings at stake! We should be protecting them with clear warnings and grounded expectations. This is like taking an experimental vaccine....

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lol. I am the top one...
Neurotic, emotional, doomed to flounder


It actually super reminds me of the wLEO hack because I was like oh shit that sucks for khal and I didn't try to message him for like 3 days lol

I bet he's dealing with enough bullshit right now.