Consolidating my free DeFiChain (DFI) crypto with new free referral rewards from Cake Defi

11 days ago
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Few days ago I have detailed my experience with Cake DeFi and the promotion that they where having to give $30 worth of DeFiChain (DFI) crypto upon signing up and making a deposit ($20) using a referral code (+$10). The only conditions to release the bonus is that it will be locked for 180 days into a staking plan, but even so it provides during this period a 37% APY, tokens are rewarded every 3 hours and they compound until the period ends. This should provide a good return from the initial DFI bonus as it will gather interest and considering also a price improvement might make things even better.


An additional please surprise happened today as an effect of my previous post related to Grabbing 30$ free DeFiChain (DFI) tokens from Cake Defi. This was the fact that somebody read my story with Cake DeFi and created an account using my referral code: This translated itself into an additional bonus that I was given for this purpose which was added to the staking plan.


This improved the rewards that I've got from Cake DeFi and at the moment I have in my balance 19.57 DFI cryptocurrency which at a market price of $2.16 would translate into a gain of $43.89. That is pretty great for joining this pool and trying their investment instrument. And my master plan in the end is to also participate into the Liquidity Mining using USDT-DFI pair which had an 247.84%. At that point I think I can consolidate more efficiently the bonus and the earning that I am obtaining meanwhile.

Note that within the calculation the rewards are not compounded, thus the final return should be better.

It remains to keep compounding on a 3 hours period the rewards from the DFI Staking Plan giving a 37% APY and as well the USDT Lapis deposit which gives a 8% APY. And of course to see if others will change and maybe improve my holding by using my referral code. Nevertheless I will keep you posted as this experience unfolds with the things that I learn from it.

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