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Each of us found a home on HIVE blockchain through the established communities from here and mine is Leo Finance. Why have I chosen LEO Finance or why the community has chosen me? Simply because being around here you get the newest opportunities in the crypto markets and you can be ahead of the game as an early adopter. There is the tremendous insight given by the community members and if you keep pace with the amount of information from here you can make the most of the bull runs or growth of the discussed projects.


First of all, being here you can find everything you need to know about Hive blockchain and the secondary layer tokens and communities like Splinterlands/Splintertalk, CTPTalk, PalNet, Neoxian, ProofOfBrain and so on. When new projects see the day of light be assured that the information will reach Leo Finance. Not only that but the members from here are creators and leaders themselves so you are close to the core of most of the important projects from this ecosystem. And the discussions and debates from here are bringing value by putting all the facts upfront and let you decide what path to follow.


Besides this, you can find great information and promising projects in incipient phases from all the crypto space and blockchains out there. Some of the examples that lead me to fill up my bags with new assets and create a strong portfolio are Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), Rune, Travala, Solana, Terra (LUNA), Cardano any many other ones that probably slip my mind at the moment. Not only do you get to find about new crypto, but you also find about old projects when they innovate something or they will launch new features that would translate into a price improvement.


If this was not enough the LEO Finance team itself emerged into other blockchains and DeFi projects that show that they speak the crypto language and guide the entire community where the money is. Bridges were built toward Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and soon Polygon to extend the DeFi offering through CUB Finance. All for the good of LEO Finance community members and to strengthen the LEO token and the entire ecosystem around it. If this will continue in the same rhythm I believe that a crypto-fiance monster is in the making. This can be the one-stop where everyone that wants to learn about this space to be guided and to be able to make the first steps into a decentralized world full of possibilities.

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