Salary IN, salary OUT, CUB IN, CUB stays IN as a long term investment

10 days ago
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So today I got my salary and I was supposed to pay taxes and usual living costs. What I did instead? I took it all exchange it for BUSD, swapped half of it to CUB and provided liquidity for the CUB:BUSD pool. Not only that this is the pool with the biggest rewards at the moment (379.06%), but in addition to that I like that it is paired with a stablecoin (Binance USD) and that it has no Deposit Fees. Now with the current rate I could get back my investment in few months or (as I will probably do) let it harvest as much CUB cryptocurrency as possible.


Another aspect that I consider opportune for the move that I made is the fact that the CUB price is still low at $3.40, which allowed me to swap a bunch of them at a good price. This should count in the future as I should be earning also from the price improvements.


Sometimes you need to be at the right time at the right place. I already invested quite a bit in CUB Finance and I have benefits of the immense APYs in the first weeks when the project was started, but I still feel there is time to grab some nice profits at the current rates. And if you are thinking of the entire economics and the burning model of CUB Finance, together with what is in the roadmap that should translate into CUB growing from here.


The Audit is done and approved as far as I know, the Cub Composability is in the making and the Kingdom will rule this ecosystem but also other realms from where it will harvest DeFi tokens, LEO Bride switching between ETH DeFi and BSC DeFi should bring tremendous capital, while using the fees to improve the CUB and LEO finances and probably more innovative things will come in the space. With all these I think we are witness a strong project that will be here for long, so my investment from the salary should be safe and should provide for a better financial future.

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