Splinterlands - Capitalizing on Vouchers airdrop to buy into Chaos Legion packs

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The Voucher Rewards for the Presale phase in Splinterlands has ended and that meant that I needed to take action and put them to good use. As a Land Owner through my Guild, I was entitled also to some Vouchers distributed from that so together with the ones harvested from my SPS staking, I succeeded to gather 150 Mighty Vouchers. This was my golden number from before the presale announcement, so I feel quite good for making it here, even if I had to buy some dust vouchers from TribalDex to make that happen.


With the Vouchers in hand, I rushed to the Splinterlands Shop. I've entered the amount of Chaos Legion packs (paired with the number of Vouchers) - 150 and opted in to pay with SPS for another 10% Discount. Along with that, I am benefiting also from the 10% additional bonus packs that translated to another 15 Chaos Legion packs. Thus the total number of packs from the sale got me 165 Chaos Legion packs.


The Voucher airdrop distribution went smooth and the presale was flawless. From now on, at least based on my strategy, probably I will be holding these packs for long, wouldn't be surprising for that being even 1 year. Considering that I have bought into presale and got the 10% additional packs bonus and the 10% discount on paying with SPS, I am expecting a good investment in the long run. If the prices will raise to $20, $40 or more in the future that would be great and I expect a performance somewhere in between x10 - x20. And on top of that let's not forget that these packs will start earning SPS right away, so that could be counted in as well into the profits.

And what's great about it all is that I bought all the 165 Chaos Legion packs with the rewards from the game. That will continue to solidify and diversify at the same time my funds in the Splinterlands. Great experience and thrilling times yet to come in the Splinterlands, so why not come and join it if you haven't already?!?!

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