How to buy 2 chaos legion packs with one voucher, Cub farming and the road to recovery

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I was looking at the value of tokens on Hive engine earlier, and I noticed the price of vouchers and Chaos legion packs. Vouchers seem to have more demand than Chaos Legion packs, and as such, the price is higher.

At the time, one voucher was approximately $18 and one Chaos Legion pack was trading at approximately $8. So I figured, why not just sell the vouchers and then use the proceed to buy packs, then send it back into the game?

So I sold one voucher for 23 hive and then bought back two chaos Legion packs at 10 hive each. So at the end of the day, I still saved 3 hive.

After buying the packs on Hive-engine, they'll be tokens on the market, so you have to bring them into the game. Here's how to convert tokenised packs on Hive-engine to in-game packs;

  • Click on "Cards" tab in
  • At the top right, you'll see "Inventory" select "other as shown in the image below


  • Since you bought packs on Hive-engine, you'll see Chaos Legion packs as one of the options. Click on the symbol at the right of the screen as shown in the image below


  • It will pop up some options, click on "tokenise"
  • It takes you to a new tab and then you'll see the Chaos Legion packs in your Hive-engine wallet. Specify the number you want to bring in-game and then click on "deposit".
  • Wait for a few minutes and your packs should be showing inside the game and waiting to be opened.

The advantages and disadvantage

For starters, through this approach, you get to buy two Chaos Legion packs with one voucher, as against buying one pack with one voucher.

Also, this approach is dramatically cheaper than the alternative because;

  • You don't pay DEC, SPS, or Credit for the Chaos legion purchase
  • You also get more packs that counts towards your SPS airdrop

I feel like a bit dumb that I didn't really think about this all along. I was so caught up with the idea of minting packs with vouchers that it didn't occur to me that I could just buy packs directly and then bring them into the game.

At the time of writing, I get 1.1 vouchers per day, and so, instead of minting just one pack a day, I'll be able to mint 2 packs at the current price of both assets. Also, I'm now spending considerably less to mint two packs than I'd spend to mint just one pack.

The only downside I can think of is that this process takes a longer time because it involves using Hive-engine and clicking a bunch of stuff. So, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty with some click around, then you should use this approach but if you mind, then just mint with the voucher.

Thoughts about Cub Farming

It's been very scary visiting Cubfinance since I got hacked but I have to keep moving. I created a new wallet address and I've taken extra precautions with this one.

My ledger wallet isn't available yet, but I've downloaded a new antivirus. I've also stopped using Metamask.

My goal is to slowly accumulate everything that was lost and even more. I'm not going to overextend myself. I'll move at my pace and get it all back.

I'm also thinking about the coming Polycub airdrop and wondering how I can benefit from it in the short term. I don't want to be left out of this new development.

Stay frosty

The bull run is around the corner and there will be more hacks like this. Please prioritize your security and be a little paranoid, because there are bad people out there.

The wallet account that robbed me has received even more BNB from a couple of other accounts that I can only imagine were also victims as well. I tracked the activities of the other accounts and the one thing we all have in common is that we all used Pancake V2 router at some point.

Here's my wallet address that was hacked: 0xC75E34E3ee9a343041B3322E1bD97b4940Ed721d

Here's the wallet address of the person that robbed me : 0x158ccd4e081cb0701b724780042fef5bb963347e

That doesn't indicate too much considering how popular Pancake is but it's not out of the question to think that there's something in the Pancake contract that could be exploited. In any case, protect yourself because you're your best security.

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im gonna do the same with vouchers, but i be getting the first 100 pack bought normally but then i be selling vouchers for 2 packs a pop and hodling for the bonus
With cubs i hope it doesn't happen and again and keep me up to date with your plan with polycub as i'm looking at this with great interest


The plan is to stake the cub in kingdoms and then wait for the Polycub airdrop. I'll not do anything until I have the ledger wallet with me though.


But buying packs externally will make you miss out on perks of buying ingame.

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if you're not receiving hundreds of vouchers every day, your chances of getting the Dr. Bright are almost zero.
However, that's another disadvantage I guess.

I have already bought like 16 presale packs before trying this approach. I get 1.1 voucher per day, so in five days, I could be pulling 11 chaos Legion packs. I'll just take my chances and hope I pull a few legendary gold foils, so everywhere go soft


You get a chance of 2% to get the exclusive airdrop cards for every CL pack you buy with VOUCHER.
And you are guaranteed to get 1 exclusive card for every 50 CL packs you buy with VOUCHER during presale.
That's why the VOUCHER price is much higher than the CL pack itself.
People buy VOUCHER and buy CL packs to get exclusive cards then sell CL packs in Hive market.

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I get that but what if you can't afford 50 vouchers and packs? For example, I get one voucher per day.


The current way that I know is:

  • Use airdrop VOUCHER and buy CL pack
  • Sale CL pack on the market to get HIVE
  • Use HIVE to buy VOUCHER
  • Then use bought VOUCHER to buy CL pack
  • ...

If you do this above circle, I think you can buy enough 50 CL packs to get the exclusive (I don't know how much CL packs remaining in your hand), and it the price of exclusive cards is worth to do it or not.
But it's kind of lottery in this game, some people accept it :)


Here's the thing
Voucher= $19
CL pack= $9

So assuming you mint one presale CL pack in the game with One voucher, when you sell the CL pack, you won't even be able to buy one Voucher with your proceeds.


I think people want to buy the chance to get the exclusive airdrop cards, not the CL pack itself.
What if the exclusive airdrop card price is $1000?
You can sell the card and buy double of 100 CL pack later.
That's why I said

it's kind of lottery in this game, some people accept it :)

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Nice! I was thinking about the same approach here the other day! it makes sense right!? Only thing I can think of is all the transaction fees on they way, would it be more expensive then? I mean, there is a lot of up front fees and hidden fees everywhere :P

Btw, I am curious about the cub finance earnings you get (sorry for your loss mate... I can imagine the pain). Could you maybe write an article on your approach here? Like really easy down to point steps on getting started here? Would be awesome mate - I will keep you upvoted for all eternity, haha :D


LoL thanks mate. I'll work on that and discuss my approach. I generally play it safe and stick with assets on cub and pancake only.

Anyway, with the Voucher thing, it's still way cheaper to sell the voucher and pay the hidden fees than mint chaos packs.

The other disadvantage I forgot to point out is that buying packs straight from the market doesn't make you eligible for the Dr. Bright airdrop. However, if you're not a high roller account on Splinterlands, it doesn't really matter since you had almost zero chance of getting it anyway.

You know that assuming you use vouchers to mint Chaos Legion packs, you're still going to spend extra $4 of either Dec, SPS or credit for just one pack with one voucher. Now when you sell the voucher, pay all the hidden fees and such, you can buy two packs from the market.

If you'd like to balance your opportunity, mint a few packs with vouchers and then sell some vouchers and buy directly.

For example, I minted 16 packs in total and I've bought 8 directly from the market. Making it 24 packs and all of them add to my SPS earnings.

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Ye sure thing mate! I really like that balance approach - good idea! Vel, same situation as you - started of by purchasing packs with vouchers, but will change that by the end of this event! Trying to reach 50 packs for that guaranteed promo card, haha!

But ye, really nice thoughts around all of this - "if you know what to do you will be more profitable" 😄

Note that I really believe that the vouchers will play a bigger role in the future. It is literally a modern Robin hood token when you think about that analogy. Keep some vouchers for yourself man and hodl them (maybe you get the same return here as you did with the land purcahes) 😎


Interesting thought. Buying CL packs from the market at $8 is obviously overpriced, especially when you consider the fact that the price will eventually drop to $4 when we no longer need vouchers to buy them, do you think it's a nice idea to just ape into the packs with some personal cashto reach 50(I need 26 more) and then just hold on to the remaining vouchers I receive.

If these vouchers turn out to be like plots, I'd like to have a few available 🤔

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Ye I know... it's obviously overpriced to buy them now... But you never know what is in the packs mate 🤣 and.. the promo card will be valuable since it is limited. There is also a chance you get REALLY good cards and can rent them out (then your investment will be payed back pretty soon). There are many thoughts to think true mate, that's for sure! Good luck, hoping we get some good stuff out of this!

I will keep some vouchers!


I’m so sorry that you got hacked - it pains me to read what happened, but I’m happy that you can keep moving forward. Thanks for the tip about buying CL packs on HIVE Engine with the profit from selling vouchers - that’s a great idea that I will have to try!

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I am sure it will help a lot of users keep up the good work

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I thought that the only way to qualify for the airdrops was to buy the pre-sale packs with vouchers. This is a real game-changer because you are right it is cheaper, but are you sure you are receiving your bonuses from the Hive purchased packs?


I receive SPS airdrop because it counts as packs but I'm not quite sure it counts towards the Dr. Bright airdrop.

To be on the safe side, mint some packs with vouchers and then follow this approach mentioned in this post.

The truth is that if you're not a big spender, having 19 or 39 packs minted with vouchers doesn't really mean much in the general scheme of things.


I learned a couple of things with guidance from @blainjones & @jonnycoin You are right you will receive airdrops as they do count as packs.
To qualify for a chance to get a Dr. Blight I must buy 50 packs via voucher.
This is basically a $1,200 buy-in. I am not saying that is a lot of money, but it does exceed my current Splinterlands budget. lol
I will buy my future packs from Hive Engine, thanks for sharing your knowledge :-)

9 mo

Watching you getting hacked makes me feel sad for you. I am truly sorry.

Plus I am worried about safety of my own assets. Please keep us posted on what security measures you take.


I will. It sucks but man must keep moving forward.

I'm getting a Nano Ledger S, but if it's possible, buy a Ledger X instead for yourself because it has more memory and protects more crypto.


This approach is good but I will consider buying packs in hive-engine and also minting packs.

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Yeah it's best to mix it up actually. Mint what you can and bu what you can. Buying from Hive-engine doesn't add towards the promo card but at least you increase your chances of getting more cool cards and you also earn SPS tokens for owning more packs


Promo cards always very good even are always better but I think we should just stick with what we believe in

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Nice approach you gave, it'd save a lot of people funds. But about the HE pack purchase, If I do so, I understand that I wouldn't be eligible for the special rewards at the end. But what exactly is this? I read the comments - and I hear Dr. Bright a lot, I thought that using vouchers to purchase CL packs for $4 in-game qualifies me for the 14 cards that would be airdropped to presale purchasers over the period after presale ends? No one's mentioning this, is it not so any longer?


It still remains. However, as you said, using voucher to mintCL packs makes you eligible for Dr. bright. The only question is, do you earn enough vouchers per day to get up to at least 50 to be guaranteed a special reward card?

This my approach is best for people like me that don't even stand a chance normally because we're poor.


WOW I hadn't thought of that strategy.

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Yeah. THe only downside is that the packs you buy with this approach will not count towards the airdrop


Any way, good point...But the fact is, the presale CL packs in Hive engine was bought with vouchers. Even the bonus packs are eligible for Dr. Blight and airdrop cards, maybe same with CL packs on Hive engine. They are qualified.


Sneaky and smart. Does this mean you can dash me pack now too?

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