New monsters, daily quest woes and new opportunities

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The changes in the game have led to a situation of sorts, particularly with the loot chest reward system from doing quests. In summary, you're less likely to find monsters in your rewards and more likely to find DEC and potions.

I've not delved deeper to find out why it was revamped but my suspicion is that it has to do with the distribution of assets. I'm guessing the dramatic increase in the number of players mandates a revamp of the distribution model, to enable everyone to benefit from the game.

On one hand, I understand that it's important for the game and we have to be focused on sustainable development.

On the other hand, it really sucks to see all those potions and stuff in my rewards. Then again, they'll probably come in handy when I start buying the chaos legion packs and stuff.

New cards on the block

In case you've not been paying attention, there are a couple of awesome-looking cards with new abilities on the block. These cards are already in print right now, with the most expensive of the lot, Djino Oshanus being traded for around $75.

So, I'm guessing the new cards coming in will help alleviate the reduced supply and since they're already in print, your next daily quest might not be quite as boring as before.

Anyway, these new cards come with their own excitement, as it always is in Splinterlands, whenever new cards go into the game. Investors are already stacking these monsters and looking at ways to max out as much as possible.

Taking a step back to move forward

In recent times, I've actually taken a step back in my battle capacity and have been selling monsters. However, all the proceeds from the sales have been held in my wallet for the SPS airdrop.

There's not been much talk about the token and the price has tanked in the process, but with all these things, it's best to just accumulate first.

So selling my cards has brought down my collection power and capped me at Gold 1. Although I'm only 16k power away from Diamond 3, where I use to be, closing that gap will require a sizable investment.

One of my plans is to accumulate as many SPS tokens as possible(while staking a decent amount) and then when it inevitably pumps due to the listing that I've been dreaming of, sell it for DEC then go back into the market to splurge on cards.

I reckon if things go well, the SPS tokens could go upwards of $4 and in that event, I'd have a shit ton of money to splurge on my deck. The price of monsters is pretty high right now but $5k worth of cards would definitely make my deck a lot stronger and boost my collection power.

The ultimate goal for my Splinterlands has always been to get into Champions league but that might not be achievable now because I also have to focus on my personal life. However, if I can boost my collection power to Diamond 2 or 1, while taking profit for my relocation plans, then I'd call that a success.

If it fails

If plan A doesn't pan out then I'll just resort to plan B, which is basically to stake all my SPS tokens and then buy chaos legion packs with the proceeds from staking.

In this scenario, I'm assuming SPS doesn't get any listing and the price stays at the current level we're at now. It's a far cry from my lofty dreams but if I stake all the SPS I'm holding, increase my daily SPS earnings and then buy packs with the proceeds.

In this scenario, I'm banking on the hype surrounding the Chaos Legion packs. If the cards do well in the market, then my gamble would have paid off.

So, yeah, at the end of the day, it's just a calculated risk that I'm taking. If it works out, good, and if doesn't? Well, back to the drawing board.

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