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Navigating this bear market as a bum has been quite the experience for me. The past couple of months have given me the opportunity to reevaluate my life and make changes on the fly.

At the time of writing, I'm what you would call "unemployed" since I'm not under contract with any particular organisation. My only source of sustenance is the upvotes and staking rewards that I receive on Hive.

In all my imaginations of life, I always thought that I'd be gainfully employed at this stage, raising a family and yelling "honey I'm home" at the end of a long day. Fortunately for me, things didn't exactly turn out that way but every now and then, I still get to go out and be welcomed home by a loving wife and dog.

Anyway, the point is that I didn't think I'd be living life at the mercy of an extremely volatile market and constantly making adjustments to suit the market.

I have to say, it is quite frustrating that I have to deal with these constant changes in the market. It is always one shit or the other with this crypto market and despite how tedious it is, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased by my stable investments that offer me regular dividend. Assets like HBD and to some extent, SPlinterlands assets have been delivering regularly for a while now.

Since I started playing Splinterlands, I have invested thousands of dollars into growing different decks and it is only fair that the game also pays me back for my loyalty. Luckily for me, the game has evolved into an elaborate economy that has the capacity to cater to all my personal needs.

The general crypto market is quite volatile but Splinterlands assets have been fairly stable. Of course, we can't put them in the same stability bracket as HBD but it is still quite stable and the assets offer regular dividend if you're willing to put in the work.

Deciding between HBD savings and Splinterlands revenue could pose a problem for many investors on hive these days. Both asset classes offer different types of dividends, so picking one over the other requires proper planning.

In any case, I'd be looking to slowly increase my HBD savings by selling some of my Splinterlands assets for the Hive based stable coin. I'll throw it into savings and earn my safe 20% APR.

Speaking of APR, there's also the little matter of SPS tokens that offer 24% APR and constantly dropping. It seems like the SPS staking pool gets more congested with each passing day.

The longer you wait to stake your SPS, the lower the APR gets whenever you stake but on a positive note, you'll probably be buying at the bottom, so no harm done. WIll you buy now or buy later?

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Hbd is the perfect place to safely store your profits.

Splinterlands assets definitely have more upside than hbd.

Providing liquidity for sps, Dec or voucher is a good way to earn some extra profit until player staking is introduced




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im more focused on splinterlands rents from cards, so im allin there, but after your post with hbd stable 20|% , i think i will put a little part from profit to hbd too.


Speaking of APR, there's also the little matter of SPS tokens that offer 24% APR and constantly dropping. It seems like the SPS staking pool gets more congested with each passing day.

Don't forget the SWAP.HIVE:SPS LP money printer is still turned on:


Just swap your SPS payouts into SWAP.HIVE or SWAP.HBD and keep locking in profits.

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