Selling NFT, buyback scheme, and temporary exit

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One of the toughest decisions I'll have to make is selling all my Splinterlands NFTs. It is not something that I want to do but I'll do it for my family's safety.

We're edging closer to our exit from the country, so I need to raise as much funds as I can access. My Splinterlands assets represent the biggest chunk of my portfolio, so a decent chunk of my assets will be getting sold.

Selling all the NFTs I have doesn't mean I'm permanently leaving the game though. In fact, this is just a temporary move, as I intend to get it all back in the coming months.

My initial plan is to sell virtually all the monsters in my possession and then convert the proceeds to HBD. I'll then put that HBD into savings, and then use the monthly proceeds to upgrade my deck.

At the time of writing, I earn around 16 HBD per month from savings and let it auto compound. After all my monster sales go through, I reckon my monthly HBD earning should be around 50 HBD per month.

50 HBD per month isn't a lot of money in the general scheme of things but imagine how many monsters I'll be able to rent with that kind of investment. My best guess is that I'll be battling in Diamond league again if I invest 50HBD into renting.

Doing daily quests gives me an opportunity to get my hands on the reward monsters that are still in print. On top of that, from time to time, I'll be getting Chaos Legion packs as well, which I'll be opening as well.

To be completely honest, I'm actually fascinated to see how the rebuilding process will pan out. It will be a challenging and rebuilding process that I intend to relish.

Counting SPS

I intend to sell all my monsters but I have no intention of selling all my SPS tokens. In fact, now more than ever, I intend to stake as many SPS tokens as possible.

At the time of writing, I'm up to 15,931 SPS tokens staked, and 16K is just a little step away. The only thing that could make me sell SPS will be a monumental and steady pump that is upwards of 40 cents.

For the next couple of months though, the SPS I farm from staking will be reinvested into my deck as well. At the time of writing, I farm a couple of dollars worth of SPS tokens every day and the tokens will be converted to credits that I'll reinvest into my deck.

Another reason why staking SPS becomes even more important is because my daily SPS airdrop will be taking a major hit. By the time all the monsters in my collection are sold, I'll be receiving less than 20 SPS tokens per day.

I've considered holding DEC for a while but with the way that token is dumping, I think I'll be losing more value than I'm gaining from the SPS airdrop. So my only option is staking as much SPS as I can get.

More packs and rebuilding

My goal is to achieve the 1000 Chaos Legion mark before the end of all the Chaos Legion packs run out of supply and as of right now, I'm way ahead of schedule. At the time of writing, I'm up to 901 packs.

I'll be raising funds to purchase another 100 packs in the coming weeks. The most likely scenario is that it will take me roughly 8 weeks to raise another $400 to buy 100 packs. By that time, I'll have more than enough vouchers to handle the 10 bonus packs I'll receive.

Judging by the pace of sales, I think I'll be buying a lot more than 1000 packs before the end of the sale. Note that buying packs add to my SPS airdrop, and also increases my chance of getting a gold foil legendary in airdrops.

There's also the fact that I'll hold the subsequently purchased packs for months or years. They will also offer me a route back into the game through opening or sales at a higher value in the future.

The rebuilding process is going to be long term but I reckon it will be faster than it took to build it the first time. I'm blessed to have access to more resources than before but for now, at least, the resources will be channelled towards ensuring my family's safety.

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12 mo

There is a saying that says that one move is equal to three fires, there is some truth in this, but I think if you manage to return the funds before the sale of new land begins, you will not lose anything.

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