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Yesterday I went out to run some errands for my wife that involved visiting two of my friends to fill out a form. The day ended with us drinking a few beers and one of my friends bashing my car against an electric pole.

For what it's worth, this is something that I should have seen coming. The first red flag was when he entered the car and stepped on the throttle very hard, instead of the brakes.

In hindsight, it was a terrible idea to let someone drive my car. When he said he wanted to drive, I felt slightly uneasy but I still let him because I prefer other people driving me most times.

In any case, immediately he got into the car, he over throttled, then afterwards, he rear-ended the car into an electric pole. Felt a slight bump in my head but no real injuries to anybody.

Unnecessary bill

Now I have an unnecessary bill on my neck to sort out. The trunk of my car refuses to close, and as you can see from the image above, the back is rekt.

I'll also have to fix the brake and parking lights while at it. Luckily for me, there was no damage to any electrical components but I still have to fix the lights.

I also have to go to a panel beater to fix the number and the trunk. I don't think I'll have to change anything in the trunk, it'll just be given a beat until it's straightened out.

In any case, this event is going to push me back a couple of thousands of Naira and my time as well. It is an unnecessary expense that I could have avoided.

At the same time, I kept thinking about how things could have been much worse. Like, if we had gotten to the road or something like that, he could have crashed the car into a wall or something and got someone killed.

I'm grateful that it didn't get to that. After he rear-ended the poll, I took the car and just drove.

I'm going to take some responsibility for the event and pay for part of the bill. However, my friend is also going to pay for his part.

After publishing this post, I'll be heading to the mechanic workshop to get an evaluation of how much it'll cost. I just know it's going to be a fucked up amount that I can't afford right now but we'll see.

Somewhere down the line, I might even have to respray the back of the car. It needs to be aesthetically appealing because I intend to sell it to fund our exit from Nigeria.

Shit happens and I'm glad it's a problem that money can fix. However, my conclusion from this event is that for as long as this car is mine, only I and my wife will drive it.

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I pretty much did the same thing to my car a few weeks ago. No beer involved though, just horrible driving by yours truly.

Sucks man, sorry to hear it. Nothing more frustrating than getting a fair price and the work done.

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Thanks man.

The annoying thing is that it wasn't even that many beers. Also, they were tiny cans. I've seen him handle way more beer than that and be normal.

Also,sorry about yours.


Absolutely never let anyone drive your vehicle unless they have full insurance and the ability to replace it and or fix it.

On the recent cleaning up my City from the crime wave that has been targeting local businesses one of the best parts about helping my mechanic friend is if my vehicle gets damaged he is immediately able to help.

And already has helped a few times.

If that person doesn't know how to drive they are not driving anything I own.


Lesson learnt my man. Never again


And like you said it could have been way worse you got off lucky.

Next time your friend asks do you borrow the vehicle I think that's going to be a hard no.


Aggressive "NO" 😆


This one time my brother tried to teach a cute little girl how to drive even after she told him her last attempt ended up in a crash.

He ended up really wrecking his nice little truck. I love my brother but I don't drive any of his vehicles and make him drive all of them. I just guide him with hand signs when it's parking.

I actually get a lot of respect because I don't try to drive anything that he has. He has told me to move things and I just look at him funny.

I am absolutely not responsible to drive his vehicle. I don't know it at all therefore I only drive my own vehicle.


I'm like that as well, completely out of principle. I won't drive anybody's car and you'll have to outrightly beg me to even move your car


Sorry to hear mate.

I never prefer driving someone else's car and I do not want anyone to drive my own. Such accidents happen in life...

As long as no one is hurt, money can fix it ✌🏼

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Yeah I'm glad it's just a money fixing problem. It could have been much worse if he got on the road and harmed somebody

3 mo

Why are you guys drinking and driving in the first place? xD


It wasn't even that many beers tbh. It was just a brain fart.


Ooh no....in this economy..

So sorry


Fortunately, no one got hurt. take care!

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Atleast life want lost


Now you get the point. I like driving my own car myself cause I know a lot about how expensive it is to maintain it. most times I stay at home and walk around the blocks to avoid driving.
I am even thinking of selling the car cause I don't really need one, it just gives attention to the people in black on the road if you know what am talking about.



Wow, this hurts I recall a friend of mine driving with me in the passenger seat. He parked perfectly by the side of the road and the next a tricycle bump the car from behind, apparently a drunk drive going the other direction hit a tricycle that hit two other tricycle that our car stopped the whole accident from escalating.

The damage was the parking and brake lights with a small body work. I'm just glad your lights aren't damaged because it cost over 200k for a Toyota Venza.

Glad you good and it didn't escalate. When it comes to our feelings always trust your instincts regardless of other people's opinion or whatsoever.

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Don't drink and drive... Can't say anything else.

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That’s tough man. I’m dropping a video in two days about how to find postivity in the most negative things. I think you may find some things that will apply to your situation in it.


Looking forward to it man. Will check your page


Stay up man. You’ve got this 💪🏻


I was sorry for you to read about the accident. However, the important point is that damage is only material, and that everybody involved is OK. For the rest, it is great to see that HIVE is there for help!


Sorry to hear about this bad luck.
I hope your friend comes through with his portion.

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