Claiming interest for September

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This is something I have to do monthly. My objective HBD is to stake up to 1000 HBD. This is just the beginning and I have to walk a long way to go. Interest for September is 2.375 HBD. I keep staking in it. If I can affor I will stake up to 100 HBD if not I will only stake 50 HBD. Anyway my staking will be bigger and bigger over time.


20% per year is a good fortune for me so I will keep staking. A also want to share about my LBI stats. Currently I am holding 2504 LBI. I try to buy but the price want a bit so I delay buying LBI.


I am also holding BRO token. It gives me both upvote and dividend but the price now is too high so I also delayed about this matter. But my BRO is increasing because I delegated my HP into brofi account.

I sold some of my CARTEL because it gives me WOO token. I don't know what to do so I just sold it. The price difference is too much so I just patiently waiting for it.

These are top three tokens in my hand. I also bought a few more tokens but not many of them are very valuable. I did not want to put all my eggs in a basket.

Thanks for reading my post.

How many tokens do you have?

What are your favorite tokens?

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Saw you sold your WOO instead of stacking prior to our upcoming general sale. You should join our Discord and learn more about our upcoming game that's coming next year, we've got loads going on.

We've managed to create quite a lot of interesting ways to earn WOO prior to our game launch coming next year and things are starting to get interesting with our upcoming general sale.

Get started with WOO - Learn and explore Wrestling Organisation Online by joining our Discord here and find out more about our upcoming wrestling game built on Hive.


I did not know about Woo honestly but staking Woo did not work for me so I started unstaking it.


It works now, that may have been during an issue with Hive Engine, the APR is over 90% at the moment, so definitely worth sticking with.

Would love to see you on our Discord and I and the rest of the community would love to help answer any questions about the game, plus if you're still having issues I'd love to help get them resolved.


Here. I am restaking Woo. Let's see it works or not. What I did correct?


Yes, you can check your rewards here:

when you claim any of your rewards it will be added to your staking balance so it's compounding.