cub to the moon!

I think cub will go really high in some weeks :D HODLING CUB TO THE MOON! Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Ripples XRP, I have a inverse theory here for y'all

Ripple's XRP This seems like the greatest financial stress test for any budding C currency with so much IRL potential. The…

Who is Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the president of the United States. He also served as Barack Obama's vice president from 2008-2016. Who Is Joe…

Who is Donald J Trump?

Who is Donald Trump? 74 years old Born in Queens; recently changed his primary residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach, Fla.…

give me money im poor 🤑🤑

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Get Ready for the Great U.S. Inflation Mirage of 2021 💀💀💀

The story of U.S. inflation in 2021 could very well amount to this: It’s all a mirage. Americans are likely to see prices jump across a…

I am a member of the Illuminati. Ask me anything! 🤖🤖🤖

The New World Order conspiracy theory has some sense behind it because there are enormously powerful pro-globalization forces out there…

Ripple to the moon!

#DYK Ripple is pledging to achieve carbon net-zero by 2030? That's because #blockchain plays a critical role in building a #sustainable…