RE: Hive Inflation And Supply For May 2022

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From what I thought more hive doesn't get printed when the markets are down right? But it feels like I'm earning MORE hive then ever before at these prices?

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Do you mean as author and curation rewards?

There is one thing that I wanted to address about the hive inflation and raize the issue on chain. That is the base for calculating the amount of hive inflation as quantity, not a percent. Its the VIRTUAL HIVE inflation. This base increases when prices drop, increasing the amount of hive printed. Not by much, but still it does increase depending on the price drop ... can go up as 10% more inflation.

We really need to discuss these things and made them better. Plus the hbd in the dhf is included in the virtual hive supply, while it is excluded from debt calculations. So we have it both ways.
Hive has been evolving and some things changed, others not, and we have a sort of inconsistency now. I think we need to take only hive as a base for the inflation, not the virtual hive supply.


Yep, That's what I was curious on so there can be a inflation or deflation on the price. The other factor for curation and author rewards is lower prices often times means less people posting and commenting and thus the rewards get split out to less poeple? There are a lot of moving parts to hive which I feel many people don't understand.