RE: The Power Of Smaller Accounts On Hive

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We as curators hold some of the power each and everyone of us and I believe its our job to help those smaller accounts that are getting it right. I'd rather have 100 people doing 1% of the work then one big whale doing it. You also never know what a small account might do later on. I know it feels good to be rewarded for a well written article or for writing up and developing something that improves hive or creates a game on it etc. As more people use hive and have hive in their bags it makes the entire system better but on top of that rewarding for the right type of content is also key. Still thousands if not millions of more people that should be involved with hive and I've pulled in a few great content creators already. With 3spk rolling out soon I see more people from youtube coming over and perhaps even making a viable streaming platform in the future. Would be awesome to see that.

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