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Splinterlands is one of the most popular games with a solid development team and innovation as well as real work being put in behind it.

Let's look at some of the smart investments that can be done on Splinterlands that will lead to more value over time. Think of it as another form of passive income.

Land has been closed out for presale but you can still buy it. However we really don't know what it does and if it's going to have real value behind it. This puts it into a speculation pool. If you feel it's something that will do well and end up making you money this could still be a good pickup.

Buying card packs.

One of the easiest ways to start building value within Splinterlands is to pick up packs and pick up as many as you can.

You can do this after you login and clicking on Shop > Packs or Shop > Dice


First lets go over Packs

There are two key parts to take notice to.
At the moment we are moving into special characters which can be air dropped to you for having bought packs. Currently we are moving into 9 out of 14 so there is still some time to pick up some epic airdrops in cards.

You can see via this screenshot I have 44 packs that are eligible. I've considered buying more however there are nice bonuses for buying 100 and 500 packs.

A 100 pack will give you a 10 pack bonus. A value of 20,000 DEC!
A 500 pack will give you a 75 pack bonus. A value of 150,000 DEC!
Now that's a heck of a bonus value! Grated to say I'm currently working towards the 500 pack but might opt for the 100 pack for now if we get to close to selling out.

Think of the bonus cards as a bonus investment but the real passive part comes from the air drops you still have a chance at getting.


Now let's dive into DICE

Dice work in almost the same way as packs. However you can only buy dice packs with DEC. This helps keep the value of DEC up. Now with the presale of land being over I have a feeling the DEC price will start dropping a bit. Since we wont see news about land for a few months that means DEC could be at a bargain here in a few months before the land announcement happens.

As you can see I have 21 packs eligible for the airdrops in which there are 5 total of one has already taken place. I don't lean on this one as heavy. My hopes are that once these 5 cycle out that DEC will play a bigger part increasing it's value and a new bigger round of airdrops will happen for those buying packs.

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