Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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Hive is a hard fork of Steem and a built platform just like it. (Trust me there is some seriously bad blood there include for myself) But that's not what this post is about. Instead we are going to look into what it's going to take to get HIVE moving.

The biggest issue with HIVE seems to be the same underlying issue that there was with steemit. Lots and lots of talk about stuff to come and nothing being done. It's seriously a sad thing to see.

If I had the capability and knowledge to know how to do those edits I would. However instead I am more of an investor in opportunity. I put my money into people and places I feel are great. It helps them thrive and also earns me income as they continue to do better.

Having capital for any project is important and is always a great motivator.

LEO is a prime recent example of this. Currently trading at $0.499 compared to HIVE at $0.139 What I believe we are seeing right now and of course I could be totally wrong. Is a mimic effect of what happened to crypto in between 2017 and 2018 the charts seriously look exactly the same. I do believe bitcoin might have hit its threshold though and from there we will see rapid up and down movement for the next few weeks.


During that time we should see a percentage of those funds start to move into other cryptos. That means people "investors" are going to be on the hunt for the next big thing. What we need to do is show them how much potential LEO has and from that HIVE will climb in prices as well since the two are related.

You will most likely see yet again a LARGE portion of those funds dump into Ethereum. People start talking about crypto and the first thing they think of is Bitcoin so guess what they go buy bitcoin. They act fast and don't think or research. It's only after this point they start to put in the time to look around. As Bitcoin stagnates and trades wildly they will start moving bitcoin into other areas. I do feel Ethereum is going to be that primary area with DeFi all the rage and Etherum 2.0 here FINALLY

These same things saw steems price for SBD rise upwards of $13 per SBD which later trickled down to about $5 in value for a steem token itself. This very same thing could happen to HIVE simply on hype and speculation. However we should be working on groundwork and advancements. A token or crypto not making updates and marketing is a dead crypto to the other thousands of cryptos that nearly all do the same thing now.

I very much look forward to the next few months and what the LEO team brings to the table. I also believe these advancements could end up trickling over into HIVE itself and start building that platform better. It's time to filter out the junk and people who sit around and do nothing just collecting and start putting people who are capable and have a track record of doing so in place.

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