Slaves to Debt

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I wasn't sure I should write this post today. On one had it feels a bit self congratulatory, a little too smug. On the other hand, it involves a realization that figuratively floored me when I started to wrap my head around it.

Back in May when many tokens were hitting ATH's, I made some pretty important moves with my holdings that gave me the opportunity to eliminate all of my outstanding debt with the exception of my mortgage. While this was obviously a very bid deal at the time, it has taken me nearly two months to fully realize the significance of that move.

It was just this past weekend that my wife and I got home from doing some camping with our friends and it suddenly dawned on me right before bed that we had gotten paid on Friday.

Sure, there have been times in the past that it briefly slipped my mind that it was payday, but last night it hit me quite differently. This was less of a passing "oops, I forgot" and more of a blatant indifference to the fact that we had gotten paid.

We still need those paychecks for things like utilities, groceries, credit card (which we pay in full each month), and of course the mortgage. This time as I said, it was just not that big of a deal.


I've still got the event on my calendar every two weeks showing that it is payday. I can remember when I would be looking at that date with great anticipation. I remember well the juggling act of figuring out what I had to pay today and what I could hold off until that next pay date. It was quite stressful at times, frustrating at others, and occasionally seemingly hopeless.

Now, not so much. Just that same indifference.

Like I said, I know this sounds smug, but my point isn't to talk about how great my life is.

My point lies in the realization of how greatly we are slaves to debt. When you are in that position, it basically defines your whole existence. Money isn't just a tool you use, a means to an end, it is what your whole world revolves around. Maybe it just seems that way, but I hope you understand what I am getting at.

I know many people in the world live paycheck to paycheck, or in many cases they aren't even able to accomplish that. I had never really considered my wife and I to be in that position until I realized how much I didn't miss or care that it was payday. Don't get me wrong, I have bills to pay today and I will get those sorted out at some point this morning, but again, that indifference is just very pervasive about the whole thing.

I really hope (and believe) that crypto is able to put many more people in this position of freedom. Maybe financial (or fiscal) apathy is a better term. I don't know, but it sure feels good!


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