I Lost >300 Hive on EpicDice...

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Am I sad? Yes. Am I going to complain about it? Also yes NO.

I first discovered EpicDice.io* on or about January 14, 2021. I decided to toss a few hive at it then quit after losing once or twice. I did not read up about EpicDice at all prior to playing around with it nor did I read anything on the site prior to jumping in. The next day, I hopped on Hive-Engine and found a new token in my wallet: EPC. I looked at it and immediately sold it, no second thoughts and I went about my day.

Fast forward to January 20, 2021. I decide that I'm bored enough to try some EpicDice again. At the time of starting my escapade, I had Roughly 327 hive in my account. I was placing small bets left and right, and... I was winning quite often as shown in the screenshot below.
And then I lost... Then I doubled down and lost... Then I went all in... and lost it all. My luck had ran out.

But on the bright side, I was getting more and more EPC sent to me every time I bet. Win or lose. After asking in @EpicDice's discord server, I was told that the more EPC you "HODL," the higher your daily EpicDice dividend would be. I received my first dividend (see image)... While it is not a lot, it is a start.image.png
I plan on accumulating more EPC and hodling for the long term.

If you have leftover steem, you can bet with steem as well. I had ~17 steem in my account and have been using that to bet as well. I went on quite a big win streak and grew that ~17 steem to ~80 before losing almost all of it again.

I LOVE earning a passive income. My stock portfolios mainly consist of dividend paying stocks. My Roth 401k is split into three classifications: 25% income (dividend), 25% growth, and 50% growth/income. I plan on adding to my EPC balance and continuing to hold it. You can buy EPC on Hive-Engine, but I encourage you to use EpicDice to accumulate it as it helps the total daily dividend payout rise.

Note: I don't encourage gambling. The EpicDice link above is a referral link, if you use it I will receive 2% of minted EPC from referred users.

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Stinks to hear about your lose but I been there and done that before on 100x fold. Regret it but can not change the pass. Hopefully you get to still focus on your true path which seems like is earning a passive income. Definitely not a bad idea at all. Best of luck.


Oh yeah, there is nothing better than letting income drip in. It supplements my current work. I plan on getting into real estate soon as well... Just need to save up a little more dough.

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