I unlocked 115 chest for the season!

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Hello splnternerd!


I am actually making this post late as season ends two days ago, there has been no light so there was a little i could do, seems the light issue will be for long as there is a fault with the electricity but whatever..

I was able to unlock 115 chest n the last season, that is a great achievement i know right but it requires lot of hours to play to be able to get that and i was glad i make the effort to play because the season reward was juicy and damn it has been long i got such a nice reward from splinterlands..

It was not just me that farmed good reward as there are other players too that got a really nice reward from chest, there was one who got three gold foil legendary, that is insane right ? but it happened!


The best of what i got as reward is the huge dec you can see in the picture above, and my target for this season is to unlock more chest than i did last season, so probably 120 chest will be great!

I got much more better rewards but i definitely can't share 115 chest screenshot here....

The best way to unlock more chest is try to play more than required if your focus chest is your favorite splinter, as for me, i love the earth splinter more so if my focus splinter is earth, i will play throughout that day just to increase my season end chest and also get more chest in focus reward and it works...

We also have two chance, so if you don't like the focus you were given , you have a chance to change it one time, i do change death and life focus and for the rest, am good!

Best of luck to all players for this season, hopefully we will be able to unlock a lot of chest!

if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Yes, that 25,200 DEC is a big wow!


Great result!


Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Good work!