Crypto - The Cons Of Working From Home.

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We are quickly moving away from the era of 9-5 grinding and the pace picks up as each new day dawns. The Covid lockdown of last year forced many people to work from home and in a way opened up a new channel for companies to leverage on the technology already available to us.

Now enter crypto, one of the best and most rewarding work-from-home ventures the world has ever seen. Whatever it is you are doing with cryptocurrency could be done from anywhere in the world, with your phones and laptops. And for this reason, a new era of lazy people's work is born.

Hey, why break a bone out there when you could just chill in your airconditioned home and pile up cash...right? Yes of course, but like the elders of my tribe usually say - ihe na atuto, na ebgu egbu. Which loosely translates as sweet things kill faster.

Working from home is such a sweet thing, you'd hardly see anyone not taking that option if it comes down to choice. Especially since in all crypto-related hustles, you are guaranteed to be your own boss.

There is a lot to be eulogized about this thing of ours (crypto - working from home) but there are some things you need to keep in mind - sweet things kill!

Working Condition - Posture

Whatever it is you are working with, be it a phone or laptop, you are bound to get carried away thinking there is nothing wrong with the way your neck is always bent lower than your range of vision. If you are working full time from home, you would do well to invest in some good working station.

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The idea is to retire early in good health, not to retire and start nursing back and spinal problems, that would totally suck.

What to do?

An ergonomic chair would help you maintain a good sitting posture and having your screen high enough to meet your range of vision would also make you not bend or slouch - Together, you got yourself a good workstation.

The idea is to retire early in good health, not to retire and start nursing back and spinal problems, that would totally suck.

Sedentary Worklife.

In conventional working situations, we at least spend some amount of time on transit to the office or where ever we get our meat. That movement from the house to the office, regardless of how short or long it is, is enough to get the heart pumping and at least help vary our body movement - a mini exercise of some sort.

While working from home, you are hardly afforded the privilege of such mini exercises. You wake up, shower (some don't) eat and head straight to your workstation. And you spend almost all day there, seated.

The crypto space is fun and there are lots of fun things to do and before you know it, you'd even have time to chow. Yeah I know because I spend more than 6hrs a day playing Splinterlands alone, then what about blogging and curating?

The thing is we aren't designed to sit at a place for long periods of time without it having grave consequences on our health. Shii, I'd love to be old and still killing it.

What to do?

Well, at least here you don't really need to spend any money, just proper planning and a good exercise regimen. Especially exercise that help improve posture, like deadlifts, push-ups and plank.

It would be nice too to add brisk walking to your daily routine. When you close up shop for the day, try and walk for at least an hour. This has lots of other benefits besides being good for your metabolism, your heart and your joints.

Loss Of Social Skills

I have heard people say this is actually happening with people who work long periods from home and do not go out often to interact with people. I didn't think it was that serious until I went out after almost a whole week at home and I could no longer say the right things when I find myself with my buddies.

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I mean, you become rusty and tend to get timings of things as simple as jokes or even laughter all wrong. It is weird but it happens.

You know they always say, 'if you don't use it, you lose it' and since social skill is an acquired skill set when you stop making use of it, you could become very bad at it when it's time to use.

What to do?

As much as internet interaction has come to stay, we hardly use all our social skills on the internet, which means we still need to go out, interact with other humans and do the things humans do together with other humans.

Do not shy away when friends beep you for a hangout, go be a human. You could even organize some of the hangouts yourself sometimes. Learn to mix the virtual with the tangible and you can never go wrong.

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