Delegating The First 1000 SPT I Earned To Monster-Curator

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I just delegated my first 1000 SPT to @monster-curator and I'm thrilled. Why am I thrilled? Because it's the right thing to do.

I think mathematically converting SPT to DEC makes more sense for airdrop points but I wanted to stake some ROC.

What Is ROC?

If you have been following me on Steem/Hive/Leo for that last 4 years you would know that I believe that ROC>ROI. That simply means that Return on Community is greater than Return on Investment.

The latter will in turn increase your ROI over time. And in this case I think it's fair to delegate to @monster-curator because I earned my SPT mostly from them and will continue to do so.

It took me awhile to convince myself to stake my SPT because honestly I didn't want to. I wanted more cards but I think is a tribe worth supporting and it will help the entire hive ecosystem.

I figured I would curate manually like I do on other gateways but it became too hard and I was only curating posts during my time zone and that wasn't fair either.

I was getting incredible value from the posts I read about learning the game but I was missing too many. This way, they will get their just rewards and I will get my curation from Monster-Curator. It's a win win if you are focused on community.

As I earn more I will stake more and delegate more. I like to do it in 1000 chunks and that will happen for me in a few weeks.

ROC is the long game and its hard to play with a token that is on fire and is based on another token that is on fire which in turn is based on another token that is on fire but I'm doing it.

SPT-SPLINTERLANDS-HIVE will continue to earn for us both in bear and bull markets. That is what I've learned over the years. You can always rescue your losses on the hive blockchain if you are willing to grind. (And Now, Play lol)

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