Don't Forget That LeoFinance Utilities Are The Key To Earning Tribe Tokens

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I hate always blowing smoke up @khaleelkazi's you know what but he's a utility monster. He builds things that have value and when I learn to use them I make money. So thanks Khal.

I quickly want to talk about my approach to earning with my new favoritey tribe

In case you haven't heard, it's the tribe for talking about TV & Movies. I can spend a lot of time there because I'm a TV nut, live in Hollywood and now lots of people in the business. I can add value to that tribe so it could be a nice home for me.

It hasn't quite settled yet and the content is all over the place regarding entertainment. I see a lot of reviews and Im not really going to write reviews, but I will comment and ask things, like in my debut post, (feel free to chime in with your favorite Western)

I'd like to maintain my voting power so I can comment on posts on Cinetv without wrecking my Leo and Hive power. Mainly Hive power I suppose. So of course in order to do this I turned to Leofinance.

Have you ever used the Vote Multiplier Tool? It multiplies your vote!

For example, If I set my vote to 10 that means that if I "slide" my vote down to 10% on a post it will multiply that by 10 and give the value of a 100% vote while only draining 10% from my hive voting power. (read that a couple of times)

Maintaining my hive voting mana is important to me but I like to give out fat 100% Leo votes and now want to give out Cinetv votes? Without the Multiplier tool from @leofinance I can't do it. I'd have to make a bunch of curation accounts.

So the problem is solved. Head over to and click on the vote multiplier icon for Cine. Set it to any multiple you want. (I chose 10)

Note: You must use Keychain to make it stick. There is some weird issue with hivesigner that makes you think it works but it doesn't send the command to the blockchain. Just trust me and use keychain.

If you have questions ask them in the comments or hit up tech-support in the Leofinance discord. I'm telling you, this vote multiplier tool doesn't get the attention it deserves!

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