Hive Advertising on Brave Browser

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Screenshot of Hive.jpg

This is a screenshot of an ad I was served using the Brave browswer. Many of us hivians use Brave and click on the ads to collect BAT Token and are very familiar with it.

I have been clicking on Brave ads for a long time and I have what is called banner blindness. It means I click in and out of the ad without noticing what is being advertised.

But, when something is just a little bit off with the visual it catches your attention. Brave serves pretty much the same ads and they do subliminally get into your head after being pounded with them for weeks.

So people will see, notice and check out hive via this ad. I'm thrilled that someone is finally advertising Hive. I think it's a win that will help every hivian.

Now, the page being served as an ad isn't a very good one but it's better than nothing. It leads to which is not the best-built page in the world. It doesn't quite compel people to scroll down to where the good stuff is.

But again, it's a start, and whoever is responsible for this ad is awesome and hopefully, they will get some analytics from Brave and tweak it to be more ROI.

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