I Got My CINETV Airdrop

18 days ago
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So I just am hearing about CineTV through the LeoFinance Discord and I checked in my Hive-Engine account and noticed I was airdropped some CINE for being a Leo Holder.

I'm usually only into Leo as a second-layer coin but CineTV looks fun as it is all things cinema. I have had a nice little life going in LA before the pandemic and might have some cool things to add to the conversation but I might just lurk and comment for awhile.

The good news is that I'm not tempted to sell off my tokens because I think this will be an interesting tribe. I see the benefit of this type of tribe as Hive is on the move because it has been generally hard to find a supportive community on hive other than @leofinance.

The tokenomics seem fair so we'll so how it goes for me personally, but I think for others it might be great. I'm interested to see where the conversation heads on some of this stuff because everyone has a favorite movie or tv show.

So lets gets to earning. If you have Leo Power you will have some CINE so take a look at Hive-Engine and see how lucky you got!

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