Is Bitcoin A Human Rights Issue?

9 days ago
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I often try to think about what makes this Bull market different from the previous with Bitcoin as a focus. I still don't really believe that most people knew what bitcoin was in 2017 even though it had become a full-on "buzzword" by that time. And even still, I'm not sure other than knowing the name, if people really understand it.

The thing that I look for is when radio and tv hosts who normally talk about other things begin to talk about bitcoin. As an example, I knew NFTs would explode when I started hearing about NBA Top Shot on national ESPN shows over and over. Bitcoin may or may not mimic its previous charts but the fact that more, and different types of people are getting on board signals that it may change things.

The other day I happened to have the Jimmy Dore shore suggested to me via Youtube and the subject was Bitcoin and the guest was Max Keiser who is a broadcaster & bitcoin optimist. The host, Jimmy Dore admitted at the beginning of the interview that he had FOMO'd into bitcoin which I thought was interesting, but Max Keiser had compelling arguments and explanations for bitcoin as human rights issue that I think we should all hear.

I'd never really heard bitcoin presented in this way and for Newbs its an interesting way to think about Bitcoin's future fits into the global structure. If I had never heard of Bitcoin until this show, I would be compelled to buy and wouldn't be selling any time soon. I think if we get more of this type of hype for bitcoin and crypto in general it would be hard to see the price falling like a "normal" bear market.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

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