LeoFinance Initiative: Powering Up My Whale Votes (100 More)

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I'm at it again. Back when I started on @leofinance and saw how the Whales here supported the entire community, I wanted to pay it all forward to grow.

So I decided to power up any and all whale votes I received. It's been working out great and I'm growing fast. My next goal is to reach 5000 LP combined in my main, and curation account (tulwave)

I'm well on my way and have surpassed a combined 4000lp. So today is another power up day and I'm adding another 100lp with 100 more by next week. My combined 100% is now worth about $.25 at today's prices so I know it helps when I curate new content creators here.

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You know what I always say! ROC>ROI (Return on Community > Return On Investment)

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